Thursday, January 22, 2015

School Days Checklist - Morning & Afternoon {free printable}

Trying to to keep the kids on track in the morning and afternoon can be a struggle, unless they know what's expected of them {and even then, there are no guarantees!}. Plus, at our home, things for the kids work for a little while and then we have to change it up a bit. In the past we have done a printed to-do list for the refrigerator and then tried clothespin to-do list similar to {this - but ours wasn't cute like that one}.

Here's what we are doing and what's working  . . . for now. =)
I printed our morning and afternoon checklist and stuck it in an old frame. I set it on the counter every morning and afternoon with a dry erase marker and the kids check off each box as it gets done.
It's not cute or fancy. It's plain, basic and perfect {again} "for now".
Want your own copy?  Just click {here} for a basic checklist.

A couple of notes about it:
- Rise and shine & give God the glory." My mom woke me up in the morning singing this to me when I was little and I sing it {sometimes} to my kids. It is a really good reminder that I love and need daily. We need to shine and give God glory, all day, every day!
- A "clean sweep" is walking thru the house and grabbing anything of their's that is out and put it away.
- I have a white board that I write anything that the kids need to do when they get home like a chore or their practice times for the day or even a note if I need to talk with them about something.

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