Monday, January 19, 2015

Galla-Rini's Take on Nashville Day 5

Heading out for the day and saying goodbye to Chris {he had to work . . . boo!}.
The friends that came down from Indiana got to hang out with us today. 
So we went to the Carnton Plantation. 
It's an old mansion that during the Battle of Franklin was used as a hospital.
We couldn't take pictures inside but the floors still have blood stains on them 150 years later.
There were young kids {two were 7 & 9 years old} living here when the battle took place. I can't imagine what that would be like for them {and their mother}!
If you could hear Ry in these photos he's saying "Go lep {left}and go right." as he's zigzagging back and forth.
Such a neat part of American History to experience!
For a late lunch we ate at Burger Up. Yum.
It is SUCH good food.
If you go you MUST try their truffle fries. So stinkin good.
Black and Blue Burger {the kids already ate my pickle spear!}
The kids LOVE Kenzi so much.
Then it was time to say goodbye.
They {goodbyes} never get any easier.
When we got home, we found this:
So VERY glad they were able to come out to see us. We had a whirlwind/blast of a time and can't wait until we do it again.
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