Friday, January 30, 2015

Party Time {California Day 2}

After getting a whole 3.5 hours of sleep, we were up and at'em. Laughing again at 4:30am.
We took my bro-in-law, Miles, with us and we ate at Anepalco's Café for breakfast. Chilaquiles & Guava Frech Toast. Yum-e.
Davese headed into work for a couple of hours and we headed to the beach so my sister could find some gifts for her girls.
That is the section of Newport Beach I used to go to all the time when I lived down on the peninsula. I have a lot of good memories here!
I forgot about these flowers in Southern California. They are so pretty.
We met up with my sister when she was done with work and she brought us a Cronut. Again, yum!
My mom left to get ready for my dad's party tonight and we headed out again. We stopped by Tru Bru and I got a Coconut Oolong Iced Tea. It was really good.
Then we went up to Biola University to pick up my niece, Kenzi.
She showed us around campus for a bit. It is such a cool college!
Back in the car. 
Remember we only had 3.5 hours of sleep??? 
Yeah, we are completely normal.
I love these pics of Davese.
We ate at Acapulco's for lunch.
It was SOOOO very good.  The beans, the rice, fantastic!
I got a sweet video from Payton that I watched over and over again.
Then we finally made it to my parents house and I got to hug on my daddy.
Then it was party time. My mom made African Chop {both of my parents grew up as missionary kids in Africa}. It is so delicious and has such great memories tied to it.
There were a bunch of family and long time friends there to celebrate with my dad.
Clockwise top left: mom, dad, Lauren (Geoff's girlfriend who Dylan has had a crush on since he was 2 years old), my nephew Geoff and my nephew Cody.
Me and my sisters!
The original McNutt 5.
I had to snap a pic of Cody's new motorcycle, a Yahama R6, for Chris to see.
And then Jeannine and I commented about us being outside with no shoes on {She lives in Denver, so we were both enjoying the warm weather!}

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