Sunday, July 31, 2016

What I Ate {July 2016}

July 1 - Nachos
July 2 - La Villa Steak Burrito {shared with Payton}
July 3 - Mellow Mushroom Pepperoni Pizza
July 4 - Steak + Corn on the Cob + Rice Pilaf + Coconut Cake {Payton's Birthday}
July 5 - Beef Burritos
July 6 - Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese
July 7 - Salad {Threw a bunch of veggies together!}
July 8 - Black Eyed Peas + Cornbread
July 9 - Logan's Roadhouse Half a Brisket Sandwich + Garden Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
July 10 - Orange Chicken + Sitr-Fry Vegetables + Ramen Noodles {made by Dylan}
July 11 - Lemon Pepper Chicken + Roasted Veggies + Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts with Garlic Aioli
July 12 - Confetti Pasta Salad
July 13 - Breakfast for Dinner {made by Payton}
July 14 - Twice Baked Potatoes + Illinois Salad
July 15 - Digorno Pepperoni Pizza
July 16 - Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwiches + Veggies + Sour Cream & Onion Chips
July 17 - Hot Dogs +Veggies + Sour Cream & Onion Chips
July 18 - Black Bean Soup + Tortilla Chips
July 19 - Spaghetti + Blue Cheese & Apple Salad
July 20 - Roasted Chicken & Veggies
July 21 - No Peek Beef
July 22 - Black Bean Quesadilla
July 23 - Buffalo Wild Wings
July 24 - Beans and Rice Bowls
July 25 - Taco Salad
July 26 - Antipasto Salad + Garlic Bread
July 27 -Tito's Chicken Soft Taco + Chips & Salsa
July 28 - Pepperoni Pizza {+ Olives for me!}
July 29 - Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowls
July 30 - Jack & Jamesons Smokealotta Platter + Smoked Chicken Wings {ohmigoodness, SO good!}
July 31 - Popcorn {at the movies!}

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week #30 {2016}

Sunday morning on our way to church!
Ry got to wear his new kicks and he was pretty stoked {and holy cow his feet are big!}.
I love finding these pics on my phone.
Chris is  almost finish with his current project and I love it....
 Monday we went to the pool.
Payton's team had their 2nd playoff game.  Payton got 2 hits and 2 runs,
 and they won the game!
 Tuesday we went back to the skate park.
 And Dylan had some friends over.
 Rylan had his last game of the season.
 And half way through it got called because of lightning and thunder, but they still got trophies.
 He loved t-ball and can't wait to play again.
 Wednesday we had a super fun day in Nashville {and I didn't take many pictures - boo!}.  We started at Chick-fil-A and I had a Frosted good!
We went to McKay's Used Bookstore, then to the Green Hills Mall for some window shopping, then to Trader Joe's.  I love bringing my own bag boy with me.
 Then we picked up Chris and he took us to lunch at Tito's.
 That evening, while Papa Nutt was at a prayer meeting, Gigi came over and hung out with us for a bit.  We played Memory and I won. whoop whoop!
 Thursday the kids had some craft time.
 And I made Pepperoni Pizza for dinner {the olive section is all mine!}.
Friday Rylan decided to FaceTime Chris while we were all sitting at the same table. He thought it was hilarious!
That night Payton's team won the playoffs.
Saturday we ate at the most amazing smokehouse.  It is our favorite in Nashville so far.
We ordered a bunch of food to share.  Here are the smoked chicken wings {which the meat literally fell off the bone}.
And the Smokealotta Platter: Smoked Brisket, Chicken & Ribs with Pub Fries, Mac & Cheese and Flash Fried Broccoli.
Seriously, go and eat this this.  You won't be disappointed.
When we got home Ry got busy riding his scooter skater and painting Do-A-Dot Art on a cardboard box.
It was a pretty fun last FULL week of summer.  The big kids go back to school half day next Friday. {boo hoo!}

Friday, July 29, 2016


Payton could not have gotten on a better team for her first experience playing softball. Not only were the coaches, kids, and parents A-MAZ-ING...
But they went undefeated.  {She might just cry when she loses for the first time!}
Immediately after the game, they awarded the 1st place medals.
Payton got the nickname Lil' Slugger from all the coaches.
She started off the season a bit rough. But even when she was striking out, she still kept smiling...which is something both the coaches and parents commented on. 
 I think it was the 4th game before she got her first hit. And she just got better and better from that point on.
Team Buffalo Wild Wings! {2 players were missing}
Big brother was pretty proud of her as well.
"1-2-3 Champions!"
Ms. Amada was one of the mom's on the team... she was so sweet and so encouraging to Payton. I snapped this picture and love it.
1st Place
Way to Go Buffalo Wild Wings!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Week #29 {2016}

 Sundays are for nuggling with my little guy!
And for finishing a good book.
And for eating a super yummy and refreshing ice-cream {since it was National Ice Cream Day!}.
I wasn't sure about this flavor that Payton picked out, but it was delicious!
 Monday I took this handsome dude to tennis camp.
 When he was done we went to the pool.  It was hot and perfect.
 While the kids took a break to eat frozen Capri Suns, Ry reached over and put his hand on Payton's back.
When I told him to freeze so I could take a picture, Payton realized what was happening and put her hand on Dylan's back. {smile}
 For dinner Dylan wanted Black Bean Soup even though it stinkin' hot here...
 That night Ry was acting sleepy.  I asked if he was tired and he said no.  Two minutes later he was like this:
Tuesday Dylan was back at tennis camp.  He came home and was wiped out
We think he ended up with a slight case of heat exhaustion because he was feeling sick that he fell asleep on the bench.  He hasn't napped in years.  Poor dude.
These really are awesome.  They have just a hint of each flavor!
I finished {this} audio book.
Wednesday Dyl stayed home from camp today and once he was feeling better he decided to bake.
He made tangy Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins.  He texted Chris about them and he replied "Poopy Seed Muffins?  Yuck!"... they are such boys!  The muffins were great and Dylan said they were super easy.
We played a couple of board games and tried to figure out Mancala.
I had an abundance of basil so I made into Basil Pesto to freeze for later.
Dylan voluntarily vacuumed and I had to get a photo to document it.
That night Chris, Dylan and I played Settlers of Catan.  Chris whooped us!

Thursday morning I prepped dinner for that night.  No Peek Beef.
Boys will be boys.
Payton's softball team is #1 in the league.  They had their first playoff game tonight and they won!
My loves.
Friday running around town, little guy fell asleep...and Payton posed for the picture.  {wink}
 Saturday - Payton has been loving being able to change her earrings.
 We went to Papa Nutt & Gigi's, where the kids goofed off,
while Chris built my parents a step for outside their kitchen door.
 She loved it.
When we got home Chris had more work to do...
We got a GREAT deal on these chairs for our dining room table.
 Ry and I read one of my favorite books, Me First.
 And Payton and I made a Peach Cobbler...which wasn't very good, so I won't share the recipe!
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