Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Resolution Update

How are YOU doing on your new years resolution?  See my list there?

I am plugging away at reading the Bible chronologically within a year!  {See my 2012 New Years Resolution post.}  This was the month to read Leviticus...the hardest book of the Bible for me to get through.  There are some great truths in there:  God is holy (19:2) and God sanctifies me (20:8), but the laws are tedious (for me) to get thru.  
Anyway, to be completely transparent - I got behind this month.  At one point I was 8 days behind.  I decided to jump to the current day and then go back and catch up as I can...which meant today I had 5 "days" to read (to complete this month).  I read todays and then 3 "behind" days.  See February 22 on my list?  The one that is not marked off?  Yeah, I didn't read it.  So I am still behind!
My favorite verse that I read this month was:
Exodus 34:6
..."The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness"

Oh and Happy Leap Day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yeah!...Oh bummer...

Yeah!  We got the logo/lettering on the car today!

Oh bummer - the phone number is wrong! Aahhhh!!!
It's supposed to be 678-882-2242.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rabbit Trail of a Day

Ready for a real "rabbit trail"?

Payton woke up this morning fever free!!!  She still had a slight cough in the morning, but her energy was up which is a good thing.  Today is the last day of eye drops for her pink eye so we are she is doing good!  Chris and I on the other hand haven't slept well because of her coughing and being up at night.  Plus she had a fever yesterday so we knew we were going to stay home from church today.  =(

We lazed around resting until about 11am when Chris said, "I need to get out of the house".  We have been sick on and off for over 3 weeks now and it has gotten old.  So the plan was to go to Lake Lanier and drive around and stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel (we haven't been there in 6 months!).  We all piled in the car (Papa and Sasha and all of us) and headed to our Cracker Barrel to find out that there was a water leak and they were closed.  There was one past Lake Lanier, so we headed that way.

Once in the area we realized that we were by The Mall of Georgia.  So we went to eat and then to the mall.  We walked in and they had those trampoline jumpy things and the kids ran to watch.  Dylan asked if he could go on it.  Since we really haven't done anything special/fun over this break besides stay at home being sick, we said yes.

I promise he was super excited to go on it...
Then of course Payton wanted to go on it.  The minimum weight was 30 lbs so she just made it.  Yes, I know she had been sick but how do you say no especially when you see this face???  {Disclosure:  we were hand sanitizing queens today.  She used it before and after going on it.}

See how much fun she was having???
Here's Dylan attempting to do a flip.
Payton pretty much stayed in this position...
We were trying to tell her to jump/bounce so she would go higher...but she didn't care, she was having a ball.
So was Dylan.  As soon as he got done he was asking to go on it again...

We never made it to drive around Lake Lanier, and we didn't go to the Cracker Barrel that we had intended and we didn't plan on going to the mall, and didn't plan on letting the kids go on the Bungy Bounce -  but we are glad we did.  It was a blast!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New "Do"

Payton spent most of the day like this.

She is still not feeling well, but got to watch a lot of movies!  Speaking of movies - the kids and I watched this today...
It was fantastic.  It explains all about the Bible - how we got it and who wrote it and how we can know that it is true - in simple, fun and entertaining ways for young kids.  I was very impressed with it.  They had a promo where I got $10 off and free I paid $5 for it.  You can click {here} to see if the promo still works, if not, click the picture above to order it.

Sasha (my mother-in-law) and I got to watch "The Help" today.  It was good.  Of course not as good as the book (is it ever?) but I really enjoyed watching it.

D-Man got a hair cut today courtesy of Daddy:
Handsome man!

What I Ate...

Click {here} to see why I post "What I Ate..."

Kirkland Fire Roasted Vegetables
Green Salad with Ranch


Bacon & Veggie Bagel Sandwich
(swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, and of course bacon on an everything bagel, yum!)
Baby Pickles
Salad with Fat Free Sun-dried Tomato Dressing

Orange Chicken
Stir-Fry Vegetables with Noodles

J's Mac & Cheese
Salad with Lite Caesar Dressing

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Help

So Payton's doctor couldn't have been more right.  Payton got sick...really sick last night (maybe we shouldn't have been outdoors playing yesterday!).  She was up most of the night, coughing, hacking, crying with a fever - just miserable.
So today was filled with low key stuff.  Playing Candy Land, making Carob Balls with Dylan, naps for Payton (and me too!),  sidewalk chalk outside (for a little while) while it was warm today.  Oh and I got to finish this book:
Now to watch the movie!  Anyone know how the movie compares to the book?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pink Eye

Yesterday afternoon Payton looked like this:

The soonest I could get her into the doctor was 9:30 this morning.  The doctor gave me a prescription for eye drops and also said she was at the beginning of a cold.  {insert sad face}  Chris stayed home and scrubbed everything and washed all the sheets, towels, etc.  Isn't my hubby amazing?

When got home it was so BEAU.TI.FUL. outside:
I threw on a pair of shorts:
(Sorry for the white glare!) and we spent the next 4+ hours hanging out and playing outside.  The kids had so much fun, you couldn't even tell Payton wasn't feeling good!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wild Daffodils

Wild daffodils have been popping up everywhere.  See the patch of them in the middle of the grass?

Here, let me zoom in:
Just a little hint that spring is right around the corner!
They are so bright and cheery!  I get to enjoy them when driving around and I don't even have to buy them at Trader Joe's (where I normally saw them in California)!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Pleated Poppy

Before I get to The Pleated Poppy goodness, let me tell you about my day...
Today was day 2 of our whole week off of school for Dylan (woot woot!).  Yesterday was a beautiful day and we spent as much time outside as possible.  So when Chris needed to go into the office this morning for a few hours I decided to take the kids out and about.  
We went to a friends house for a little while, but it was cool, dreary and too damp to play outside.  I had planned on taking the kids to a park afterward to let them play until we had to pick Chris up, but it rained while we were there.  The kids had eaten all their lunch that I packed and were still hungry so we went to Panera Bread (yum!) instead of the park.
We (I mean me, Dylan and Payton) LOVE Panera Bread - Chris, notsomuch!  So it was a special treat.

We picked up Chris and headed home and then it hit me.  I was POOPED, plain ol' tuckered out.  I crawled into bed and "tried" to do a puzzle with Payton and Dylan and ended up falling asleep.  For the next 3 hours I was in and out of sleep.  I was just not feeling great.  Chris thinks its all the "baby expansion project" that I am doing (as you can see from my post yesterday).  Chris went down to make dinner (aawww - what a sweet guy!) while I laid around.

I finally came downstairs to eat dinner and a package was on the counter.  I looked and saw it was from "The Pleated Poppy" and got all excited!  I opened it and my sister had got me this:

A Pleated Poppy covered notebook!  Needless to say we are stalkers of her blog (is it ok to admit that?) and have numerous times had conversations that included: "Did you see Lindsey's post today?"  Like she is one of our friends...Ha!  So this definitely put a smile on my face today.  Little did she know that I was just looking for a journal for church/Bible study and now I have the perfect one!  Thanks Jeannine for putting a smile on my face!  I l.o.v.e. it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday Night

I forgot to post these from Friday night...  The kids were watching a movie and I was reading a book.  Payton crawled up and laid behind me and reached over to hold my belly.  =)  Chris was able to snap some quick photos.

Friday, February 17, 2012

What I Ate...


Barbacoa Beef (found it on Pinterest!)
Black Beans
Spanish Rice
This recipe is a knock off of Chipotle's Barbacoa Beef and although I haven't had it there before - this was excellent!


BBQ Chicken Deluxe Pizza (Pinterest)
BBQ Chicken, Bacon, Jalapeno Peppers, Pineapple and (I added) Cilantro.  Yum!


Chicken Fajita Burrito

McDonalds Hamburger (x2)
I know, gross.  But I was sick in bed today.  Didn't want to cook.  And nothing else sounded good.


Double Decker Peanut Butter and Syrup Waffles
Fruit - Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries
No picture of dinner tonight.  Our church hosted a night where they had a party for the kids and we got to go on a date.  We invited our neighbors so we went to Outback and had a great time!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Payton dressed herself this morning... and Sasha did her hair.

Then she watched Angelina Ballerina and I caught her dancing.  She even did it again for the camera!
(Sorry you can't hear the music - it is too quiet.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

1 John 3:16  By this we know love, that HE laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers. (ESV)

Valentine's day is awesome because I am reminded (and get to share with my kids) that Jesus showed the greatest act of love, by dying on the cross - taking the punishment of MY sin.   And that I can love my husband and kids because HE loved me first.

1 John 4:19 We love because HE first loved us. (ESV)

One of our traditions is to have a "Valentine's Breakfast" (yes, we call it that all year long) which is French Toast and Bananas and Berries.
And here are the valentines that I did for the kids:

They were super easy.  Crepe paper hung from their door frames with homemade "conversation hearts" stapled to it and a heart valentine on the bottom.

Poor Chris was sick in bed all day long.  It still was a wonderful Valentine's day since we got to spend it together!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Soft Brown Sugar Cookies with Browned Butter Frosting

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?  A friend had pinned these cookies and they looked yummy.  

Then another friend, Cheryl {who is always making amazingly yummy things} commented "I made these.  They are super good!"  If SHE says they are good.  Then I KNEW I had to make them.  Here is how mine turned out:

And she was right.  They are super yummy.  They came out a little more cake-like than a regular cookie and are fantastic.  If you want to make some, here is the original recipe from Susie QT Pies.  Let me know if you like them!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Very Fun Sunday

So despite of waking up with sore throats (for me and Chris), then checking the weather and seeing this:

We still got up and went to church.  We had been trying a new church in Canton (this was our 3rd week going) and had signed up for the discover class to find out more about the church.  It is a small church, but the kids loved going and we felt welcomed the first day there.  The pastor is passionate and that is infectious.  Worship has been great each time.  Simple.  Rustic.  Heart felt.  Pastor Will is a musician and has played "the box" and sang backup the last two times we were there.

Anyway.  Worship starts and Pastor Will is playing the guitar and singing, there is a guy on a small drum set and a girl singing.  The girl started singing and W.O.W. she was amazing.  Both Chris and I looked at each other dumbfounded by what a great voice she had.  Worship was wonderful and the sermon was awesome (he is teaching in Acts).  I was inspired to do what God has called me to do (still working through what that is exactly) and making sure I am doing my best at it.

Afterwards we stayed for the discover class. It was just Chris and I, Pastor Will and his wife.  We had a great time learning about the church and getting to know them.  We commented on the girl singing and guess was Francesca Battistelli!  {Disclosure - we don't have tv so we don't know what people look like.}  She is Chris' favorite female Christian artist.  They are related to her and she comes to sing every once in awhile.  That was pretty cool to hear her in a small venue, just worshipping.
After that, Pastor Will was showing Dylan some chords on the guitar and drawing a diagram of his finger placement.
When we left the church this poor bird was laying on the sidewalk - on his back - dead - or so we thought.  We realized that he was breathing so I picked him up and stuck him in the sun to maybe "defrost" him (see weather temperature above).  He still wasn't moving and I picked him up again and realized that one of his legs weren't working right so we brought him home with us.  {We think he must have flown into the building/window and got stunned.}  He started to perk up and move around a little bit.  Here he is ruffling his feathers:
Isn't his coloring beautiful?  See the yellow tips on his tail and the red tips on his wings?  He sat in my hand the whole way home.  Even went to sleep for a little bit.
We got home, put him in a box with a lid open half way, gave him some birdseed and set him in the sun to warm up.  Here he is sleeping:
A couple of hours later he flew away... yeah!

Dylan went outside to play with the neighbors and this is what he looked like when he came in:
Here, maybe an ear shot will help.

Poor kid was a frozen popsicle - but had a blast playing!

Dylan had gone down to the basement and got my 20+ year old guitar (yes, with 2 broken strings) and this is how I found him right before bedtime:
He was having a blast.  Notice his ears are still red???

We could have stayed in bed all day, but we are VERY glad that we didn't.  It was a very fun Sunday.