Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rabbit Trail of a Day

Ready for a real "rabbit trail"?

Payton woke up this morning fever free!!!  She still had a slight cough in the morning, but her energy was up which is a good thing.  Today is the last day of eye drops for her pink eye so we are she is doing good!  Chris and I on the other hand haven't slept well because of her coughing and being up at night.  Plus she had a fever yesterday so we knew we were going to stay home from church today.  =(

We lazed around resting until about 11am when Chris said, "I need to get out of the house".  We have been sick on and off for over 3 weeks now and it has gotten old.  So the plan was to go to Lake Lanier and drive around and stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel (we haven't been there in 6 months!).  We all piled in the car (Papa and Sasha and all of us) and headed to our Cracker Barrel to find out that there was a water leak and they were closed.  There was one past Lake Lanier, so we headed that way.

Once in the area we realized that we were by The Mall of Georgia.  So we went to eat and then to the mall.  We walked in and they had those trampoline jumpy things and the kids ran to watch.  Dylan asked if he could go on it.  Since we really haven't done anything special/fun over this break besides stay at home being sick, we said yes.

I promise he was super excited to go on it...
Then of course Payton wanted to go on it.  The minimum weight was 30 lbs so she just made it.  Yes, I know she had been sick but how do you say no especially when you see this face???  {Disclosure:  we were hand sanitizing queens today.  She used it before and after going on it.}

See how much fun she was having???
Here's Dylan attempting to do a flip.
Payton pretty much stayed in this position...
We were trying to tell her to jump/bounce so she would go higher...but she didn't care, she was having a ball.
So was Dylan.  As soon as he got done he was asking to go on it again...

We never made it to drive around Lake Lanier, and we didn't go to the Cracker Barrel that we had intended and we didn't plan on going to the mall, and didn't plan on letting the kids go on the Bungy Bounce -  but we are glad we did.  It was a blast!

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