Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moving Week Part 2

I wanted to give Dylan's and Payton's teachers a little thank you gift.
Here's what I was able to put together with the resources that I had and the idea thanks to Pinterest!

Ry fell asleep holding onto my arm.  So sweet.

I saw this picture online somewhere...

I need to get it and hang it on my wall to ALWAYS remember this.
Dylan's room, all cleaned out.

It looks so weird . . . and sounded so hollow.
Friday morning, the movers showed up and loaded the truck!

When the kids got off the bus (on their last day at their school!), our sweet bus driver, Ms. LeeAnn, got off the bus to take pictures with the kids and to give us good-bye gifts.
Candy for the kids and she MADE me an adorable cloth basket and homemade/homegrown fig jam.

There will NEVER be a bus driver that compares to her.
Then we said goodbye to the triplets, Dylan's best buddies in the neighborhood.

All packed up and ready to head out!

We had to make one quick stop at the kids school and Payton's teacher came out to the car to hug her once again and say goodbye.

Payton LOVED having Mrs. Sanders!

We made it to Tennessee and were welcomed with a beautiful sunset.
The kids seemed excited about the (empty) apartment.
Saturday it was unloading time! 

What I Ate...

Sunday - Kona Chicken
Steamed Veggies
Brown Rice

Monday - Homemade Pizza (with store bought crust)
Green Salad

Tuesday - Penne with Meat Sauce
Green Salad

Wednesday - Blue Box Mac and Cheese
Hamburger Patty with Ketchup

Thursday - My Sweet friend, Laura, brought us dinner tonight!  YUMMY!
Fried Chicken
Baked Beans
Macaroni & Cheese
and Hawaiian Bread

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moving Week

We are going to leave Ry's crib up until the very last second.
Before Daddy left he ask Dylan to step up this week, not fight with his sister, and to help mommy out.

He took it to heart and was helping Payton with her homework. {Awe!}
A couple of days ago, Sasha (my mother-in-law) gave Payton a much needed hair trim/cut.

While trying to get Rylan to sleep,  I caught up on some Duck Dynasty.

It makes me Happy Happy Happy.
{Sorry, I couldn't resist.}
He was too interested in the show to go to sleep though.
This kid cracks me up.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

FOUR more days!  {Or maybe three if we get the truck loaded quickly.}

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seventeen Months

I love doing these monthly updates on Rylan.  It reminds me just how quickly they grow and I am glad to have these "small things" written down.

~17 Months Old~
Some of my new nicknames are:  Bam-bam, Crash, Brusier, Tough Guy.  Can you guess why?
I blow on hot food.
My new words this month are:  Payton, ice, hot, Gigi, and cookie.
I have my own language too.
I traded in my ritz cracker addiction for grapes.  I LOVE grapes.
Dylan taught me how to give knuckles.
I like to get down and groove (in my diaper no less).

I LOVE throwing balls, any kind.  I like to "count" when I do it too.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Second Part of Our Week

Wednesday night Dylan took an introductory karate class at a studio that we think he will join.
It's fun watching him do something that he loves.

Fall break this week has pooped the kids out.

I tried a new hairstyle on Payton.

  Now if I could just do it on myself!

We checked out another great park.

Rylan's not so sure about the swings there.

Dylan caught a "Wooly Mammoth" caterpillar.

It was UGLY!

More of the kids being pooped out.

We went to Downtown Franklin to meet my friend, Alicia.  I knew her at our old church in California and she just moved to the area in June.

We stumbled upon the Franklin High School Homecoming Parade that took over Main Street.
It was so neat to experience a "small town" event.
D found another caterpillar.

This one was all white.
Maybe he will be a caterpillar whisperer!

We headed back home today and Craig and Sasha had made a yummy HOME COOKED meal.
It was so nice after a week of eating in a hotel.
Rylan even learned a new trick.

Wiping down the counters.  Yea for chores! 

What I Ate...

Sunday - Twice Baked Potatoes

Tuesday - Jersey Mike's Italian Sandwich

Wednesday Breakfast - {At the hotel's continental breakfast} Frosted Flakes
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberry Yogurt
Cranberry Juice
(All shared with Rylan)

Wednesday - Hot Dog

Friday - Roast Beef Sandwiches
Bagged Dole Salad

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What I Ate...

Sunday - Hamburgers (made by my father-in-law)
Grillers (potato fries)
Potato Chips (not pictured)

Monday - Beef, Bean, Rice, Cheese Burrito

Tuesday - Turkey Bagel Sandwich
Green Salad  with Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette

Wednesday - {Leftover} Peanut Noodles
Green Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Thursday - Baked Potatoes 3 Ways (for the indecisive!)
Butter & Sour Cream
Cheese & Bacon Bits
BBQ Sauce

Friday - Penne with Meat Sauce
Peach Salad

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week

Daddy has been in Tennessee again this week {Boo!  We miss him!}, so I took a ton of pictures to send to him.

Plus this week was Wildcat Days Fundraiser for Dylan and Payton's school.  Each day they got to do something silly IF they brought in their loose change.

Monday was Pennies for Pajamas Day (Dylan didn't want to wear his).

Tuesday - Nickels for Nifty Socks.
Dylan sported mismatched soccer socks.  Payton, Hello Kitty socks.
{pardon her "smile" - she had a bad morning . . . please pray for me when she becomes a teenager!}

Wednesday - Dimes for Dynamic Sports Day.
{Payton is wearing her old soccer uniform.}

Thursday - Quarters for Quirky Hair Day.

Friday - Dollars for Wildcat Den and dress in safari style.  (We didn't participate in that one.)
It was a fun week at school for the kids!

Anywho.  Back to our week at home.
How do you play Jenga?

What?  You don't stuff them in your little brother's clothes to make him "husky"? {smile}

I texted this to Chris saying "There's a boy giving me kisses . . . jealous?".
I love bedtime snuggles.

Ready for school!

This kid had his nose in a book all week.

Rylan wasn't easy to get to sleep this week.
One nightI let him just toss and turn on my bed and he buried himself under a blanket . . . then finally passed out.

Good thing he's a cutie-patootie!

Rylan wanted to watch TV with Dylan.

Dylan had been working on a biography poem at school and brought the final copy home.
Yes, I cried.

Rylan gave himself his first haircut!
He grabbed a razor and tried to "brush" his hair and cut this chunk out.

Translation anyone?

We sent some wacky pictures to daddy.

I love sleeping babies.

I made the other recipe for the Potato Chip Toffee Cookies.
These are sweeter.  Both excellent!
Ry loved them.

Rylan and I met some friends at the park today and had lots of fun.
Auntie D & Uncle Miles gave Dylan The Lightning Thief series for his birthday.
He read them all in 12 days.

Daddy is on his way home and we CANNOT wait to see and hug him!