Thursday, June 30, 2016

All About the Food

This morning {while Chris worked - sorry babe!} we went down to my parents house.  Auntie D got to try out the lawn mower. {It doesn't look very fun does it?}
And Payton got to ride with Papa Nutt.
Ry and Buddy sat and watched them.
We stopped at my dad's favorite coffee shop in Downtown Columbia.
The funny thing is we ordered a hand squeezed lemonade.  They actually cut a lemon and squeeze it in a hand press to make the drink.  As I was putting the lid on, the cup slid off the table and spilled everywhere!  I quickly grabbed the cup (which had about 1/4 left in it), set it back on the table and Unc, my mom and I started cleaning up the floor.  As we were cleaning, my mom knocked the cup off the table AGAIN and it spilled the rest!  We were laughing so hard.  We may not be aloud back into Muletown Roasted Coffee.
We swung by and ran through The Faded Farmhouse.
Then we went to have breakfast at Marcy Jo's.
Go get a cinnamon roll there.  It was the BEST I have ever had!
Then we went to get Payton's ears pierced.
We left there and went to eat lunch at Edley's in 12 South.
Some longtime family/church friends met us there.
We did the obligatory "I Believe In Nashville" photo stop.
Then stopped to get Unc & my Dad an afternoon coffee at Frothy Monkey. 
Right after, we went on to Five Daughters Bakery,
Were we shared some 1000 Layer Donuts {Strawberry Lemonade was my favorite}.
And then to Jeni's Ice Cream. {Yes, we ate ALL day long.}
We took the long scenic ride home to just hang out the rest of the day.
Aunti D & Unc had brought us In-N-Out burgers which we ate a little later and it was delish.
After the sun was setting we went and lit off some fireworks in our driveay.
It was a super fun, super busy day and I'm stuffed.  {wink!}

Payton Got Her Ears Pierced

When we were in California back in February Payton wrote this up and asked us to sign it.
She had been begging us to get her ears pierced and Auntie D told her that when we say okay, she would take her to get them done.  Payton held up her end of the deal so when Auntie D and Unc got out here, one of the first things to do was to get Payton's ears pierced.
She was a little nervous {obviously}.
And had quite an audience there to support her.
She did awesome and didn't even shed a tear.
Thanks Unc and Auntie D!

What I Ate {June 2016}

Here's what we ate for dinner this past month.  I added links to the recipes if I had them:

June 1 - ??? Seriously can't remember what we ate.  Lame?  Totally.
June 3 - Beans & Rice Bowls
June 4 - KFC Tenders + Mashed Potatoes + Biscuit + Chocolate Chip Cookie
June 5 - Frozen Pepperoni Pizza
June 6 - Chicken Pot Pie
June 7 - Black Eyed Peas + Cornbread
June 8 - Breakfast Burritos {I had a Breakfast Burrito Bowl}
June 9 - Nachos {at the ballfield}
June 10 - Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches + Salad
June 11 - Pizza {went to a friends house}
June 12 - Grilled BBQ Chicken + Long Grain and Wild Rice + Green Beans + Garden Salad
June 13 - Spaghetti + Copy Cat Olive Garden Salad + Garlic Bread
June 14 - Black Beans and Brown Rice Bowls
June 15 - 7- Layer Dip
June 16 - Wendy's Hamburger Kids Meal
June 17 - Beef & Broccoli
June 18 - Steak Nachos
June 19 - Jet's Pizza + Garden Salad + BBQ Potato Chips
June 20 - Angel Chicken + Roasted Green Beans
June 21 - Greek Salad
June 22 - McAlister's Pick 2 - Cobb Club + Savannah Chopped Salad
June 23 - Pressed Mediterranean Sandwich + Portillo Chopped Salad
June 24 - Grilled Hamburgers + French Fries + Green Salad
June 25 - Free For All
June 26 - Chicken + Rice Pilaf + Red Potatoes & Green Beans
June 27 - Cobb Salad
June 28 - Carrabbas's
June 29 - Del Taco Green Burrito + Hard Taco
June 30 - Nachos

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Florida {Day 4} Heading Home/Auntie & Unc

I got to wake up like this.  Sweet boy.
We headed out....going back home, because yesterday we found out that my sister and her husband booked a last minute flight to Nashville!
We were tired on the way back, so I didn't take many pictures.
Can you tell we're wiped out?
We made good time until we hit Atlanta traffic.
We got to see this weird Tesla.  It was kinda cool but then just looked too sci-fi.  It looked like something out of the movie Terminator.
We got home, unpacked the car and then my parents stopped by on their way home from picking up Unc & Auntie D from the airport!
So much fun!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Florida {Day 3}

Back at the beach!
A whole bunch of dolphins swam by and a few stopped to put on a show for us.
Happy and tired kids.
We met up with Renee and her boys for lunch.
Payton was exhausted.
Yup!  This is what I call success.
Back home the boys played.
While I snuggled with this girl.
Then we went out to dinner to celebrate these 2 cuties 8th birthdays.
Tomorrow is Grayson's birthday,
and Payton's is Monday!
Renee had gotten party hats, glow in the dark bracelets,
and Finding Dory cupcakes with re-lighting candles.
It was a fun time celebrating them both.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Florida {Day 2}

Today we woke up and headed straight to the beach.
There's the ocean!
Ahhh.  Absolute beauty.
My happy toes in the warm water.
We spent HOURS there.  It was perfect.
Chris spent some time teaching Dylan how to surf {until his leash broke - boo!},
and then he had to do a little work.  The office view wasn't bad today!
Daddy & son conversations.
Rylan was cracking up that the tiny waves were knocking me over.
Once we were back in the wasn't long until this happened.
We made a small detour and stopped at the Ponte Vedra Traders Joes.
All the trees are covered with Spanish Moss.  It's beautiful.
Back at Kevin and Renee's - you'd think the kids would be tired, but nope!  They decided to swim until late into the night.
We sat around chatting and catching up.
My snuggle bear was a little sun kissed!