Thursday, June 2, 2016

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Both Payton and Rylan had their first softball/t-ball game tonight at 6. Yup both games at the same time....awesome. Fortunately they were on neighboring fields so we kind stood in the middle and looked back and forth.
Payton was a little nervous.
Even though they only had a couple of practices under their belt, Payton's team, Buffalo Wild Wings, did great. They really worked together and won the game! Payton played left field and stopped a couple of grounders.
See Dylan rooting her on?
She didn't get a hit....but this was her first game ever!
Rylan was on team B&B Pharmacy.
His first at bat he decided he was going to be a switch hitter.
Once on base, he motioned for Dylan to come over to give him knuckles.
It was so adorable watching the kids play tackle football t-ball!
We are so proud of our kiddos!

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