Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week #23 {2016}

Sunday night...someone was tired.
Monday Gigi came over and played cars.
Softball time!
Tuesday. I love pool days.
I try to stay long enough for this little guy to crawl up on my lap to "nuggle" cause he's too pooped to swim anymore.
After the pool we went to Dylan's TKD Belt Ceremony.
So remember Chris ended up at the ER with a heart issue about a week and a half ago? Well, 3 days later at Dylan's well check, the doctor said Dylan had a heart murmur that he wanted to get checked out.  {Yes, 2 heart issues within 3 days...I couldn't believe it!}
So today {Wednesday} we were at the Pediatric Cardiologist to have tests ran on Dylan.  We are praising God that it is an "innocent pulmonary heart murmur" and our big guy will be just fine!
That evening it was T-ball time!
I love this kid.
Friday. Another {successful} pool day. {And yes, that's my finger in the bottom right photo. #rookie}
Why did I call it successful? Because this happened afterward.
Saturday we took Gigi antique shopping.
There were 2 stores across a tiny street from each other and one was right next to some railroad tracks.
Afterward we stopped by to say hi to Chris while he was working an event.
Have I mentioned how much I love summer?!?!

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