Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week #24 {2016}

Sunday. Ry loves running in the sprinklers.
I found approximately 4,267 pictures of this on my phone.  I guess Ry was proud of the house he drew {I am too!}.
He cracks me up.
Monday was softball time,
and baby girl got her first hit!
{Turn down your volume so you don't have to endure my screaming!}
Tuesday I finished this book.
And Ry made some ants on a log.
Wednesday I finished this book and if you are a little bit interested in the Amish culture, I highly recommend it!
That evening Chris took our bathroom mirrors from this:
To this:  {I LOVE it!}
Thursday we took the White kids and walked...
to the pool!
Friday I drove into the Target parking lot and saw my mom's car parked there!
It's fun when you can run into your mom while shopping!
"Momma, can you take my picture?"
After our errands we headed back to the pool!
Blue tongue!
Taekwondo class.
Nuggle time!
Chris started on a new project.
While the kids caught bugs.
I finished listening to this book:
Then we went on a double date with the White's and left all the kids with Gigi & Papa Nutt!
Thanks mom and dad!

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