Monday, July 31, 2017

Cousins Day 2/Last Day of Summer

Today is the LAST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!
The big kids had their last day of Apple Camp. {Which was totally fun.  I highly recommend it!}
Then we all piled into the car.  Chris had to work {boo!}.
It was Thor and Priscilla's first time here, so we showed them around Downtown Nashville.
Cousin love!
Then we hit up Hattie B's!
Back at home we started to get ready for our first day of school tomorrow.  Dylan went from this:
to this:
His favorite hair cut!  Then the kids got in a little bit of playing to finish off summer!

What I Ate {July 2017}

1 - Bypass Deli - Chicken Salad + Pineapple Salad
2 - Subway Spicy Italian Sandwich
4 - Hamburgers/Hot Dogs + Confetti Pasta Salad + Watermelon Salad

5 - Leftover  Confetti Pasta Salad + Watermelon Salad
6 - Buffalo Chicken + Blue Cheese & Pear Salad + Garlic Bread
7 - ???
8 - Grilled Chicken + Rice Pilaf + Roasted Veggies
9 - BBQ Chicken Salad + Homemade Croutons + Neely's BBQ Sauce + Watermelon
10 - Summer Pasta Salad
11 - Chicken Divine + Watermelon
12 - BATS {Bacon +Avocado + Tomato Sandwiches}
13 - Taco Salad
14 - KFC Chicken Tenders + Mashed Potatoes & Gravy + Biscuit
15 - Lettuce Wraps
16 - Chicken + J's Mac & Cheese + Mandarin Orange Salad
17 - McAlister's Tomato Bisque Soup
18 - Breakfast Burritos
19 - Angel Chicken
20 - Black Eyed Peas + Cornbread
22 - Mellow Mushroom Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza
24 - Beans and Rice Bowls
26 - Fajita Burrito (bowl)
27 - Free For All
28 - Tito's Taco + Enchilada + Rice & Beans
29 - ???
30 - White Pepper Chicken + Roasted Veggies + Cilantro Lime Rice + Banana Pudding
31 - Hattie B's

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cousins Day 1

My brother-in-law and 2 of my nieces came into town!  They are staying with my mom, but they came over today to grill out.
Here is Penelope & Priscilla.
It had been awhile since the kiddos had seen them, but they picked up right where they left off!
Here's Thor {my bro-in-law} and Payton {who's being a goober - ha!}.

I made a huge batch of Banana Pudding for dessert and we demolished it!
Thor came into our family when I was 8 years he is like a big brother to me.
The girls got to shoot guns off the back deck.
Penelope decided to spend the night at our house, so we had a family movie night and popcorn.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Week #30 {2017}

Sunday - This dog.  He knows he's not supposed to be on the couch and he is having a stare down with Chris over it.
I made Flat Cookies and they were stinking fantastic.  And since it was 93 degrees today, I baked them in the toaster oven out on my front porch.
Monday the kids started Apple Camp {at the Apple store}.
They were learning how to code.
While the kids had camp, they offered a "parent camp" at the same time where they explained what the kids were learning and taught us a few things as well.  The kids were going to program a robot later this week and as they were showing it to us parents, Rylan got to play with it {and LOVED it of course!}.  One of the Apple Store employees took this adorable picture and sent it to me.
Back home for some father/son bonding.
Tuesday we went to Lake Normandy.
Then, if the kids were tired enough, we headed to the ball field for their last games of the season.
This is Payton's coach from LAST season.
On the way home we had this view.  It is so gorgeous!
Wednesday morning I watered my hanging pots and Bombi drank the water as it was running out the bottom.  And yes, he had a fresh water bowl too.  {#crazydog}
Back at Apple Camp.
My girl.
Little man was having a rough morning was lagging behind us while walking to the car.  I turned around and a glimpse of what he will be when he is a teenager.
On the way home Gigi treated us to Sonic.  We shared a Banana Shake in memory of my dad.  He LOVED Banana Malts.
Thursday my mom and I got a box of Georgia Peaches to split.  The are oh so yummy!
And then it was time for Open House for the kiddos school!  {Yes, it is WAY too soon to be starting school.} Rylan is starting Kindergarten {insert me boohooing about that!}.
And Payton is going into 4th grade.  They are attending the same school - which this will be the LAST year that I have any kids in the same school.  They will each be at different ones!
After the Littles Open House, it was this guy's turn!
Friday we had this going on....not sure WHAT exactly it was though.
Saturday morning, and whatever Chris does, the boys do.  It really is sweet.
Ry was going to a birthday party.  It was his first drop off party - he was so excited!  I wrote "Happy Birthday Eddie" on a piece of paper for Rylan to copy in a card and I was pretty impressed with how he did!
Ry and Eddie.