Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week #26 {2017} Epi-Pen Drama

Sunday I finished The Magnolia Story.
Monday morning we got to see this baby deer run right by our deck and hang out in our yard for a little while.
Then the kids were wrestling.  I told them to stop wrestling and they told me they weren't wrestling...they were hugging each other!  Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh right!
Rylan brought me more "flowers". Sweet boy.
Then he waned to help me bake.
So we made Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins.  I loved them.  The kids?  Notsomuch.
Good golly, the 4 o'clocks are beautiful!
Wednesday was a SUPER BUSY and CRAZY day... in the morning Bombi got to snuggle his favorite person.
Chris and I walked to the back of the property to check on some noise we were hearing {they were bush hogging the land behind ours} and the sun was beautiful!
Then Bombi decided to be a jerk.
We headed to Downtown Columbia and made a stop at Dylan's favorite store {Duck River Books}.
Sierra {my cousin's daughter} met us there to hang out with us for the day.  We ate at The Square Market.
Crazy boy.
Then found an adorable dressing room at Bleu 32.
We went to Ted's.
And then to see Tom and Vicky at A Balloon Shop {of course!}.  Man, I am so glad that my dad met these sweet people and in turn, we became friends with them.
Back at the house, Sierra played with the Littles for awhile.
Ooohhh and while we were Downtown, I bought this cute olive basket at Faded Farmhouse.  It is the perfect size to hold all of our remote controls.
It was a busy day, and little guy crashed out on the way to TKD.
After all the TKD classes, we were heading home when all of a sudden I heard a random click noise from the back seat. I turned around to see Rylan with a look of fright on his face and Dylan's Epi-Pen in his hand!  He had gotten the Epi-Pen out of my purse and used it on himself!  I pulled over and called 911.  They were going to send an ambulance, but I told them I would just drive him to the ER just a couple of miles away.  
Ironically, we ended up in the same ER room that we were in when Dylan got stung by a bee and was prescribed an Epi-Pen in the first place!  Thank the Lord Rylan got the needle in the fatty tissue right above his knee cap instead of his muscle...all they had to do was put a warm compress on it and they watched him for a little bit.
The {sweet} doctor gave him a stern lecture and sent us home.  I got a cute video of him "walking" out to the car.
Thursday morning, Jerk Dog Bombi struck yet again...
And then promptly went inside, curled up and fell asleep looking all cute and innocent.
After I cleaned up the mess, we headed to the pool again.
And I was getting some gnarly tan lines, but snuggling a tired Ry-Guy was worth it.
Dylan's solution to reading at the pool? Hanging a towel over his head.
My pool crew!
Saturday morning, I met a friend for breakfast.  She's lived here forever and had not had a cinnamon roll from Marcy Jo's {gasp!} so we rectified that asap.
Such yummy goodness I tell ya!
It was awesome to have some girl time and when I got back home the kids had built a blanket fort in the living room.
All stocked with pillows and bears.
Then we got to watch another amazing storm roll in!
It was another pretty awesome week of Summer!

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