Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Payton's 9th Birthday {4th of July}

My sweet P-Girl turned NINE today.  
She wanted Lucky Charms for breakfast {that was easy!}.
She opened some presents...
and we had given her a Visa card to go on a shopping spree.
Heading to the mall!
Gigi FaceTimed from Africa to wish her a happy birthday.
And she opened Gigi's presents in the car.
We made a stop at Krispy Kreme.
While we were there we realized that this was both Chris and my first time to Krispy Kreme...ever. #truestory
Then it was shopping time.

 She LOVED signing her name.
 She shopped till she {almost} dropped.
When she was done we headed home.
With a quick stop at the fireworks stand on the way.
The Sklenka's and her parents came over to celebrate Payton's birthday {and I guess America's birthday too!}.  This is Kara.

Sam and Payton are such sweet friends.
Payton wanted her cake to be red, white & blue this year.
The Birthday Girl!
Making a wish!
She requested a triple layer cake {white/chocolate/white}.
Everyone seemed to like it!
We even had a ninja show up!
Time for sparklers!
Then we hiked to the back of the property.
We lit off our fireworks.
And watched all the fireworks going off all around us!
We pulled out a paper lantern,
and let that go as well.
Rylan likes to do everything that Sawyer does, so when Sawyer snuggled up on Kara's lap, Ry came and snuggled up on mine.
Super fun ending to a super fun birthday for Payton AND America!

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