Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week #27 {2017} Payton's Birthday/4th of July

Sunday morning, a momma turkey and her babies were having breakfast in our back yard.  We got to watch them for a long time.
My favorite big guy snuggling with my favorite little guy.
Leaving for church we saw this deer at the front of our property.
That evening we were headed to a Fireworks and Food Trucks event at our church when it started raining.  So we turned around and went home. Boo!
Monday I tried a new recipe and the whole family LOVED it.  Seriously loved it.  You can get the recipe {here}.
Bombi can sit, shake, high-5, lay down and sometimes roll over.
He still thinks he's a lap dog.
And then when Dylan saw him, he went over and joined in.
I ended Monday snuggling my 8 year old girl for the last time...because tomorrow is her birthday!
Tuesday was Payton's 9th Birthday!
Wednesday Payton watch tv snuggled up in her mermaid blanket and Mr. Pig. Both gifts from her birthday.
Then we went to our new local library.
The kids section was huge!
Thursday morning... this is how Bombi snuggles with me when I am sitting on the floor.  Silly dog.
It was the most crazy weather day today {as you will see}.  It was pouring rain.  And then the skies cleared.
But only for a few minutes then it poured rain again.  The kids decided to pull out the Legos and worked together on a project for a couple of hours.
Ta-da!  Yes, a couple of hours and they put together a cube...BUT it was a cool puzzle cube that had an item stored inside and you had to solve the puzzle to get it out.
Then it cleared up again.
Then the dark clouds rolled in yet again.
And then this.
Got home to this.  #jerkdog
And fortunately I cleaned it up quickly because then it started pouring AGAIN!
It was the most bizarre sunny/hot/rainy day ever.
Friday - We are watching the Tour de France 24/7 at our house.  Anyone else?
We went back to the pool.
Which is always a blast.
Dylan's buddy Nico met us there.
While on our way home, Chris called and said that "all is right in the world".  When I asked why, he said, " I have a bike attached to the back of my car".  I am SO glad he is getting back into riding.  Especially since we live so close to a mountain bike trail.
Here is some Saturday morning cuteness for you.
My mom is finally coming back from Africa today so we went over and mowed her lawn.
And Dylan edged.
And I started mowing the back.  Riding my dad's mower brings up so many emotions.  It's something that I enjoy, because he got such a kick out of it.
The kids decorated the house,
and waited for her to drive up.
She's here!
We headed back home and I was tired.  I though Rylan was tired too {which he NEVER naps anymore, except for a rare car ride nap} and convinced him to lay down with me.  Then he crashed out for just a few minutes.
He woke up walked out to Chris, snuggled up on him and they BOTH fell asleep!
I LOVE these pictures!
That night we went to Sweet Cece's for dinner/dessert.
It was a pretty fantastic week of summer!

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