Friday, August 1, 2014

Week In Review - Nudie Cutie Edition

***Warning*** - Literal potty talk and naked baby boy pics coming up. Feel free to skip this if you want. :)
Isn't my helper just the cutest?
I got the bright idea Monday morning, that we were going to potty train this week. Chocolate chips are the reward for going pee-pee and popsicles for going poo-poo! And yes, being nude was how he rolled.
Dylan made Annie's Fruit Salsa & Cinnamon Chips. Click {here} for the recipe.
It was a hit. Great job Dylan!
Superheroes! I kept telling Ry his superhero power was going potty in the toilet. Hee hee!
Day 1 of potty training went okay, except for one point. I was cleaning poo off a shag rug {fun} and Dylan came in and told me Rylan was cleaning the kitchen with my "white" spray bottle . . . that "white" bottle was bleach {double fun}.  I was VERY frustrated {to say the least}, stomped around like a 2 year old and even cried. {And yes, I later apologized to my kids for my rediculous behavior.}
Payton called me into the living room and she had layed out a blanket, pillow and set Netflix on my iPad to my "favorite cooking show" because she wanted me to "relax".
Sweet? Yes. Convicting? YOU BET! Ugh. Thank goodness for my kids forgiveness, and God's mercy and grace. Now, time to look forward and (with God's grace) do better in the future.
I got to enjoy some random pics and video clips on my phone courtesy of Dylan and Payton.
We met up with the Voss' to watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Ry even asked to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie! Yippee!
Tuesday Dylan lost yet another tooth!
And Payton called me to see this beautiful yellow bird eating our sunflowers (she and Sasha had spotted one of these this weekend).
First time in big boy undies! He picked out "Oh oh let's go!" ones (Jake & the Neverland Pirates).
I quickly realized that he did better without underware on (he wet thru 2 pair within a hour if each other). So nudie cutie was back. This time coloring with his bro and sis.
Our weather has been very bizzare this week. Cool evenings and mornings, cooler days even though it's still 80°, and breaks of hot sun. On one of those breaks we played out in the backyard. I tried to lay out and a wet {naked} Rylan kept crawling up on me.
We tried to make some slime.
We followed a YouTube video and it was a total bomb. But they still had fun together.
This was my view a lot this week.
Another sucessful poo-poo! He even told me and went in all on his own {progress}!
No matter how big Dylan is, he still has a little bit of baby boy in him and it makes my heart melt.
Nudie-cutie alert! That's Dylan's sparring helmet & shin guards.
He ran around like this for an hour.
 He earned another popsicle! He says "daddy popsicle? outside? backyard?" He knows the routine! (Daddy's popsicles are sugar-free firecrackers.)
We ate yummy Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwiches for dinner.
Thursday, July 31 was my Grandma Esther's birthday. (She's the lady on the right.) She would have been 107. She passed away WAY too young, at 98 years old {smile}. I'm so glad that Dylan got to meet her. Payton and Rylan will just have to wait until they get to heaven to meet that amazing lady. I miss her a lot.
How come things are way funnier when someone is naked? And yes, those are Payton's bright pink shoes he is wearing.
Hiding out in the laundry room coloring.
It was a long rough day. Potty training takes it's toll.
Friday we had a doctors appointment to go to and I was pleasantly surprised how GREAT the kids were behaving in the waiting room!
Beautiful sunset after football practice!
Well we made it through another crazy taekwondo, football, cheer & potty training week!

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