Friday, August 22, 2014

A Peek at Our Week

Ry went to put on his helmet and ride his bike. It made his daddy proud.
There was a crazy thunder/rain/lightning storm that we stopped to watch.
I tried another new hairstyle for P.
Ry loves Little People. It's fun to watch him play with them. And yes, he is still half naked. {sigh}
My first tomatoes, that actually made it to red! And they were SOOOOO tasty.
Payton got her pom poms this week at practice and was SO excited.
I found little man sleeping in D's bed (it's hard to take a pic in the dark!) one night.
Another style.
I have a new helper in the house!
And since the kids were all cleaning, I got to sit down for a bit with Chris to watch some tv. It was so nice! I could get used to that.
Payton did her hair all by herself. We were both pretty impressed.
Ready for his first class as a brown belt. He's looking forward to learning a butterfly kick.
One morning I found Ry sleeping on Payton's floor (Will he ever stay in his own bed?).
I learned a cool trick for Payton's hair . . . And it's super easy!
The kids got an awesome surprise when they got off the bus Thursday.
I went to Back to School Night for Dylan's class and saw this posted on the wall.
Man, I wish everyone (especially some adults) could be reminded of this!
Right before nap time, Ry wanted to play blocks in his room {still naked - good thing it's summer!).
I kept checking on him and he played quietly for almost 2 hours!
He skipped his nap, but later fell asleep while we were out.
"Daddy, you play blocks in my woom?" How could he say no? I LOVE these sweet moments.
Bedtime. I love that he plays with his hair when he puts his pacifier in.
He wanted me to take a pic of Mickey.
Another pretty great week for the books!

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