Friday, August 8, 2014

First Day of School {5th & 1st grades}

Here's my 5th grader:
and my 1st grader:
Wow. How did they get so big?
Daddy photo bombed our photo shoot.
And the kids quickly joined in on the fun.
My cutie-patooties.
I drove them today (they will take the bus regularly).
Rylan wanted to have his backpack too.
He wanted to go to school and was so bummed when he had to leave with me.
We dropped off  Payton to her class first. When she hung up her back pack, Ry tried to hang up his too. It was so sweet! He wanted to be a big boy too.
Then it was Dylan's turn.
So what did Ry and I do during the 3.5 hours they were at school? (And yes, I said 3.5 hours. Their first day was a half day . . . on a Friday. Isn't that lame?) We went to the market (it's SO much easier with only 1 kid) and then came home and cleaned!
The time flew by and I thought the bus was dropping off at 12:30pm. At 12:15, Payton was ringing the doorbell. She said  Dylan wasn't on the bus. So I got on shoes and walked out through the garage just in time to see Dylan walking down the street. He said he wasn't paying attention and missed our stop and they were BOTH on the same bus. Ha!
They had a great time, both love their teachers and are already making friends!
So another funny story . . . We had just looked at last years "first day of school pictures" and were laughing at the fact that Dylan had wore tags inside his shorts all day long and he didn't know it. When he came downstairs this morning, Chris told him to make sure all his tags were off. I cut off the ones hanging from his sleeves and he looked good to go. After school, he went to change and I heard him say "Not again!". He had worn his shirt with a tag
In the back collar the whole time. Goober!
Papa & Yaya came up this afternoon and we went to Dylan's football practice. Rylan wants to be a big boy SO BAD!

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