Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday

Sunday morning we woke up and chatted while drinking coffee and eating a bite for breakfast. {Doesn't Payton have awesome bed head?}
A little while later we laughed when we realized that all 3 kids were doing this:
We packed up, said goodbye to Papa & Sasha and headed back to Tennessee. We stopped about halfway thru to say hello to our friends who just bought a home in Chattanooga.
Ethan and Payton swang.
Conner and Dylan wrestled.
Mason & Rylan watched Frozen.
Ben and Chris played football.
And Jen and I caught up on life.
Look at the "old men" sitting in the rocking chairs! {Ben and I went to school together so the old man jokes are flowing Chris' direction every time we hang out!}
We said goodbye.
And the kids quickly fell asleep the rest of the way home. {That's Dylan under the red sleeping bag in the back.
At bedtime I took one last picture of me and my sweet nine year old. Tomorrow he turns TEN!

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