Monday, September 1, 2014

TEN {Dylan's Birthday}

My firstborn turned 10 today.  TEN! I cannot express how much joy he brings to our family. I am SO proud of him!
He woke up this morning and walked out his room, loving the streamers hanging in his door.
He asked if they could stay up all day.  =)
Payton loved them too.
He opened a present from Payton.
She had spent about 3 hours the day before, drawing a picture, writing this letter,
and wrapped it all up with a penny. He was so sweet and really took time to appreciate it.
Here's my Spider-Man!
He got some books from Papa Nutt & Gigi.
Rylan prayed a sweet prayer at breakfast time for a Dylan.
And we devoured Swedish Pancakes.
And then got to FaceTime and open a present from Auntie J, Uncle Thor and his cousins.
He picked Chili's for lunch.
(Which was ironic because 10 years + 1 day ago Chris and I ate at Chili's for our last dinner as just the 2 of us.)
We went by Toys-R-Us to spend a little bit of his birthday money. And then it was back home for cherry cake (his choice).
Later that evening I made Capt'n Crunch Berries Treats (just like Rice Krispie Treats) to celebrate his birthday tomorrow at school.
Here we go . . . first year as parents to a preteen.
Pray for us!!! {smile}

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