Friday, September 26, 2014

Pink Eye the Sequal

This week started out great with Rylan "riding" his glider.
What do I spy under my green tomato? Two huge heirloom tomatoes! Yay!
These two love each other.
Waiting for the school bus to get home!
Playing My Little Ponies at football practice.
My superheroes!
Somebody likes soccer.
I'm jealous that my sister, Davese, gets to see and hug on our dad ALL the time. I miss both of those faces and LOVE getting pictures like this.
So, last week we finished Payton's pink eye meds, and everything was okay until Wednesday. She came home from school and had it AGAIN! Ugh! She stayed home from school on Thursday to get started on more medicine. I had to run to the market quickly with both kids in tow (and yes, I sanitized the cart when we were done!). Ry was a big helper.
A couple hours later . . . dun . . . dun . . . DUN!
Yup. Ry got it.
And got it bad. After starting the meds he got worse. It got so bad, so quickly I got concerned and took him to the doctors. {So grateful for walk-in "after hours" at our pediatrician!}
I gave him my phone while we waited for the doctor and he took some awesome pictures.
Yes his eye was almost swollen shut.
He snapped pics of Payton,
and of me.
He told the nurse he had "diarrhea in his eye". Ha!
The doctor came in and said his pink eye was "epic" and the worse she'd seen.
His whole eye was covered in blood.
He woke up the next morning with his eye glued shut from the goobers.
At lease he was {somewhat} smiling after we wiped it off.
A few hours later he was doing so much better. His eye will be bloodshot for a couple of weeks though.
Unfortunately, while we were at the doctors, Dylan had a performance at school that we missed. I was SO bummed to not be there. Chris went and video taped a bit for me. Here's my favorite part:
Today was full of cleaning, sanitizing, laundry and more laundry. Ry fell asleep here at naptime 
{instead of his bed where I put him}.
And we ended the week my favorite way - Snuggled up for family movie night.
Yup, Ry's tired so he's playing with his hair. And see that pillow in his lap? That's MY grandma's. I love it.

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