Friday, September 12, 2014

This Week I'm Lovin'

Cheap gas (thanks to a $.10/gallon discount from Kroger - that's Ralphs for my California family/friends).
Tuesday morning snuggles from my baby girl.
Underware wearing, popsicle eating baby boys who are doing REALLY well with "underware potty training". (He's totally potty trained when naked, now we are just working on wearing clothes and not having accidents. Isn't that one of the craziests things you've ever heard of?)
Fun hairstyles.
A happy girl excited for cheer practice.
Random things flying overhead at football/cheer practice.
Trying to figure out the bizarre weather we had Wednesday. (Gloomy but hot and not overly humid.)
Colorful fajitas for dinner.
Watching Rylan do his taekwondo moves he's learned from Dylan.

Creative ways a 2 year old plays with a skateboard.
Waiting for the big kids to get off the bus.
A new yummy salad recipe.
Cheer dance practice.
Finding Ry sleeping in Dylan's bed.
(NOT Lovin') Walking out of the house to realize it is freezing! 
(Not really, but it hasn't been that cool in MONTHS! I should have grabbed a hoodie.)
(Back to I'm Lovin') Watching Payton push Rylan in his beep beep to the bus stop.
Playing Superman with my little man.
Hearing Rylan say in the sweetest voice ever, "But momma, I want to play with you, you are my bend!" (Bend was him saying friend.) Yup, my heart, in a huge puddle, right then and there.
This handsome man.
The cheers that Payton and Rylan were practicing.

Let's get a little bit rowdy, R-O-W-D-Y!

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