Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Football & Cheer Weekend!

Another football weekend, and I'm beginning to understand why people get SO into it here. It's a lot if fun!
Payton's squad finally all got their uniforms in and this was the first game they got to wear it to.
Our home field is pretty awesome. And as you can see, it was a beautiful day!
Getting ready for game time!
Dylan is #9.
All my cheerleading memories (from Jr. High & High School) came flooding back to me. It's bizarre to see my DAUGHTER doing (literally at times) the same thing.
Look what Chris and I had to drink. {love}
Ohmigoodness. This is a favorite picture of mine. I'm so glad that Payton gets to cheer for Dylan. It makes it so special.
Leaving the game and we got to see more hot air balloons!
We went out to dinner at Tito's {yum!} and little man was CR-A-ZY (he didn't have a nap because of the game).
Yes, my heart skipped a beat when I captured this photo.
Crazy sleeping boy on Sunday morning.
We tried out a new church (again) to hopefully find a church home. (And we liked it and are going back next week - whoop whoop!)
I flat-ironed Payton's hair and I thought she looked so grown up (and pretty too!)
Love finding these on my phone.
Sunday night snuggle time!

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  1. Ok, how cute is your family and your blog?! Glad you like the lip gloss!! LOL! xo


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