Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Late Friday night a friend posted this pic on Instagram. Do you recognize anyone?
That's Dylan, 4th in from the left with the long blonde hair! I'm there too on the right. It was taken at Camp Compass (a VBS) years ago.
I'm finally getting good, big, {ahem - unEATEN} heirloom tomatoes from my plants.
Saturday morning Payton, Rylan and I got ready to head down to Downtown Franklin for a few hours. It was a cold day so we both put on jeans for the first time since Spring!
On the way out we checked the mailbox and Gigi had sent each of the kids a ball.
It was a fun surprise and both kids loved it!
We left Dylan's ball in the mailbox for him to find later because he was out golfing with his daddy.
We (like everyone else in Franklin!) ate at Merridiee's Breadbasket for lunch.
Their Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich on Viking bread is SOOOOO good!
And we also enjoyed their lemon ginger tea, then went window shopping.
One of the stores had their bubble machine blowing on the sidewalk. So we stopped and popped bubbles for a bit.
Headed home!
Sunday morning snuggles with my boys.
I (forgot yesterday and) sent Dylan to check the mail. He couldn't believe that Gigi could mail just a ball.
I am SO thankful our pediatrician office has walk-in hours on Sunday, because we had to take Payton in. She has Pink Eye. Boo!
Rylan passed the time in the doctors office by playing with his dry erase book. Doesn't he look like he had fun?

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