Sunday, September 7, 2014

Football/Cheer Weekend Wrap-Up

Chris had to work Saturday {boo!} so it was just me and the kids for the day.  
While waiting for Dylan's football game to start, Ry ran across this bridge over and over and over again.
Check out that RealFeel®!
At least it's not snowing . . . can I get an Amen?
Payton cheered her little heart out.
Dylan is so cute in uniform.
Cute patootie stayed close by. Like his sweaty hair?
There's Dylan! Go #9!

"Hawks are what? Red hot!"
Finally in the car with the air conditioning on FULL BLAST.
Then we went to IHOP.
That night while watching a tv, Dylan brought me a glass of sparkling water with a "ditch" {dash} of lemon juice. He knows the way to his momma's heart. Sweet boy!
Crazy "nuggle" {snuggle} time!
Look what I caught Dylan doing . . . cleaning the sink without even being asked!
I have officially lived in the South for too long {and yes, I've said that 5+ times before} . . . I'm actually watching football. Next it's going to be college football!

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