Monday, June 30, 2014

Swedish Pancakes {recipe}

I didn't even know what crepes were until I was in high school. At my house we called them Swedish Pancakes, a delicacy that was the highlight of any day (usually a special occasion) in which my mom made them.
I've tried other various recipes but this one is my favorite (and the easiest) and therefore I am declaring this the right way to make crepes/Swedish Pancakes, the way my mom made them.

Whisk together Bisquick eggs and milk. Pour approx 1/4 cup (I just eyeball it) into a medium hot pan (or griddle), then swirl it around in the pan to make a super thin circular pancake (mine still never look exactly right!)
Wait until it is no longer shiny/wet and the edges start to curl up. Then flip and cook just 1-2 minutes longer.
Add in your filling. The right filling is spread it with butter then add brown sugar, powdered sugar, sour cream, and sprinkle with lemon juice. Oh my. I'm salivating just thinking about how yummy that combo tastes.
Roll up and dive in!
And guess what? One pancake is only 58 calories!
Obviously if you make it the right way the filling will add a bunch more calories, but there are other healthier options. ;)

Swedish Pancakes
{Makes 16}
1 cup Bisquick Heart Smart
6 eggs
1 cup fat free milk

Filling suggestions:
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Sour Cream
Lemon Juice
Cookie Butter (Trader Joe's)
Any Fresh Fruit
Yogurt - Regular or Greek
Whipped Cream

Really your options are endless, but promise me one thing? Will try it the right way at least once? It's awesome. Promise.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I survived the sleepover! I didn't sleep real well but that's okay. The kids had fun. 
Saturday we got ready and headed to the Opry Mills Mall.
Ry wanted to go on one of those quarter rides . . . which are now a dollar ride. Seriously!?!? Crazy!
Dylan hopped on,
And so did Payton.
Ry of course loved it.
Me and my man. 
On Facebook myy aunt commented on this picture that "handsome men don't need hair" and I completely agree!
2/3 of my babies.
Ry loves playing catch with daddy, and ONLY daddy.
So the bunnies didn't get to my tomatoes, my boys did. {insert sad face}
So now I have no tomatoes. Boo!
Ry's hair was getting a little bit shaggy. So I have him a hair cut. Here is the before:
And the after (at Sweet Cece's):
The kids LOVE getting to pick all their favors and toppings.
They had Cotton Candy yogurt which made Payton's day.
Here's a happy man who gets to enjoy dessert with the family.
Ry was really hamming it up.
And he has been such a daddy's boy lately. He wouldn't even "nuggle" (snuggle) with me because he wanted to "nuggle" with daddy.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Friday Friday {Discovery Center}

Ry has gotten back into the habit of waking up in the middle if the night again. So he and I usually end up a sleeping on the couch the rest of the night. Here he slept in until 7:30am, even with all the noise the other kids and I were making in the kitchen!
We were making these:
Cranberry Orange Mini Muffins. I like them, the kids, not so much.
We went to the Discovery Center with some new friends.
It was a pretty cool place.
They loved the water table.
Everything was hands-on,
and they had a blast.
We went to Regal Cinema's $1 movie and saw The Lego Movie for the first time. Rylan did much better sitting through the movie than last time.
We walked/rode a walking trail close to our house.
And went to the pool.
This was an intense game of Operation!
We made Lettuce Wraps for dinner. Dylan claimed that this is his favorite dinner ever. I guess that is good considering how picky of an eater he has turned out to be! LOL!
We headed to spend the day at the pool with the Voss'.
And had a great day! 
Rylan is pretending that is a telescope (in the bottom left pic) and the funny thing is, it's not a hollow tube.
Alicia brought these awesome brownie cookies (bottom right pic). Wow. So stinkin good.
Five and a half hours at the pool and they probably could have lasted longer!
Watching Dylan at taekwondo.
He L.O.V.E.S. martial arts!
I made (for the first time) Cobb Salad for dinner. Can you tell what I forgot?
Blue cheese crumbles! Duh! Oh well, it tasted good anyway.
Rylan started saying "Ohmigoodness" and I can't get over it!
I realized I hadn't pulled out my decorations for the Fourth of July. I went to get them . . .
and was shocked at the plethora of decorations I have accumulated. Ha!
I took the kids back to Sweet Cece's as a treat for behaving well when we had a few errands to run today.
I put Ry down for a nap in HIS bed, and found him in Dylan's bed snuggled up with Dylan's doggie and blue bear. So sweet!
Chris isn't feeling well so after our regular family movie night, he went to bed and I surprised the kids with a slumber party in our "man cave". (Which is just an empty bonus room that has a tv and a bookshelf in it.)
We decided on How to Train Your Dragon since we saw the sequel last weekend.
So here I am sleeping on the floor with all 3 kids, way past their bedtimes. 
I may regret this decision in the morning,
but hopefully I am making fun and good memories with the kids! 
Yay summer!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Every Hour On the Hour

Here's' a look at my day today every hour on the hour!
Rise and shine (I slept in a bit!)
Cutting up strawberries to add to my blueberries. (Not sure what I'm doing with them yet!)
Making a list of Dylan's things to get done before we leave for the pool.
Oh Jillian . . . I just discovered her Yoga Meltdown is on YouTube. It was awesome (and challenging of course!)
Packing for the pool.
Finally driving to the pool (it's only a block away - that's why Dylan isn't in a seat, but I should make him buckle up!)
Swimming with the Voss'!
Taking a break for lunch.
Chatting and having a mini nosh with my sweet friend Alicia (while watching our kids swim).
The kids making a whirlpool in the baby pool.
Still swimming!
In the middle if prepping dinner.
Watching Dylan at taekwondo.
Clean (and VERY tired) babies!
Putting laundry away.
Watching Last Comic Standing with Chris.
Nighty night!