Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I survived the sleepover! I didn't sleep real well but that's okay. The kids had fun. 
Saturday we got ready and headed to the Opry Mills Mall.
Ry wanted to go on one of those quarter rides . . . which are now a dollar ride. Seriously!?!? Crazy!
Dylan hopped on,
And so did Payton.
Ry of course loved it.
Me and my man. 
On Facebook myy aunt commented on this picture that "handsome men don't need hair" and I completely agree!
2/3 of my babies.
Ry loves playing catch with daddy, and ONLY daddy.
So the bunnies didn't get to my tomatoes, my boys did. {insert sad face}
So now I have no tomatoes. Boo!
Ry's hair was getting a little bit shaggy. So I have him a hair cut. Here is the before:
And the after (at Sweet Cece's):
The kids LOVE getting to pick all their favors and toppings.
They had Cotton Candy yogurt which made Payton's day.
Here's a happy man who gets to enjoy dessert with the family.
Ry was really hamming it up.
And he has been such a daddy's boy lately. He wouldn't even "nuggle" (snuggle) with me because he wanted to "nuggle" with daddy.

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