Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Friday!

It's Friday again! Woot woot!
Here's a peek into what we did this week:
We have a birds nest right outside our front door.  
Chris thinks she is sitting on some eggs!
My sweet girl . . . laughing at Dylan.
Ry trying to put on his pajama shirt . . . like you would pants.
Backyard lunch picnic.
Puzzles. We had 2 puzzles going, on the opposite sides of the table, with me sitting in the middle helping them both.  It was the best idea ever. Fighting was minimal!!!
Baby boy came and crawled into bed with me in the morning.
And he recently figured this out.
An hour later I caught him doing this.
We went to the pool.
Can you see Rylan is starting to get some freckles on his nose? {love}
We watched some tv like this:
And lately he's decided to not go to bed at night without some extra "nuggles" (snuggles).
The kids had smoothies for breakfast.
And I bribed them with hot cocoa while I grocery shopped.
Dylan read "How to Train your Dragon" in one afternoon/evening. So we went to the library and got him book #2 (and 3!).
I got my hair brushed by this little guy.
We celebrated National Donut Day.
Rylan showed us he can pray:
"Dear Jesus . . . name . . . oh my soul . . . Jesus . . . God . . . name . . . Amen."
He loves walkie-talkies:
And copying his sister:
We had some neighbors over for dinner.
They have 3 little boys. Two of which are twin 2 year olds! Rylan had a blast with them!
So that was our busy/mellow/fun week!

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