Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Friday {But Feels Like a Saturday}

Here's a peek into our week!
Some more beautiful white lilies popped up in our front yard.
I made BLT Pasta Salad but with a bunch more spinich and a lot less pasta (to accommodate Chris' new diet). It was still great!
I meet up with a former roommate of mine (I would have said an "old roommate" - but we are NOT old! LOL!) and her sweet kiddos at the Nashville Zoo.
We were young single girls living on the peninsula in Newport Beach, California, we blinked, and now we are 30-something moms living in Tennessee only 2 hours away from each other. (Which by he way, we both moved to TN, within a couple of months of each other last year, after we each lived a short time in Georgia . . . Crazy right?)
We had a blast catching up and the kids had so much fun together. Oh and did I take a group picture? nope. Or how'bout one of all the kids? nope. At least I got one of Liz and I, right? whoops! 
Good thing Ry was being paparazzi with my phone. Georgia is the top left photo. That's Caiden's forehead on the right. Liz is in the bottom left corner. And I didn't get one single picture of Rowan. Doh!
Funny story. It was supposed to thunderstorm at 9am and 3pm. We met at 10 and it was sprinkling. We decided to go in anyway and it sprinkled off and on until noon-ish when a torrential downpour hit and we ran for cover in one of the restaurants to wait out the storm. We were all drenched. But laughing and still having fun! Especially the kids. Wanna know how I know? This was my kids when we got home. 
I pulled into the garage, left all their doors open and they slept for another 20 minutes (that never happens!). Actually Dylan wasn't sleeping, but he was laying down reading and he stayed in the car too with Payton & Rylan!
At dinner, Rylan told daddy ALL about our day at the zoo.
We had "A Day" where this happened (amongst many other things):
Oh yeah, never clean your tub while your 5 year old has your phone - otherwise you will find this:
thankyouverymuch Payton!
We played Monopoly Fast Cash (again while Ry was napping. Have you every tried to play a board game - or any game actually - with a 2 year old around?).
I made this yummy Salad Sans Lettuce.
We have wild bunnies that run around our neighborhood. These 3 were in our backyard. 
Aren't they so cute?!?! Anyone want to go hunting? (They are eating my plants - grrrrr.) Not seriously! But seriously . . . Anyone?!?! =)
Rylan loves to dance and it cracks me up!
Papa & Yaya came up for the weekend on Thursday. Rylan was really into making a list of things that he wanted.
The boys got to have a slumber party in our closet. Dylan with his "blue bear" and Rylan with "bit bit". Such sweetness I can't get over it!
Chris took off today (Friday) which is why all day long I kept thinking it was Saturday! We drove a new way out to Leiper's Fork. I love getting "lost" in the back roads of Tennessee!
Even when you get stuck behind a tractor.
We ate at Puckett's Grocery.
Ry hasn't had a real nap in 2 days and literally cried himself to sleep (from throwing a fit) at 6pm. I woke him up 15 minutes later. And boy was that a huge mistake! I tried to pin it on Sasha, telling Chris that SHE told me to wake him. But we all knew the truth on that one!
Then as soon at it was getting dark, it was firefly catching time.
And Payton finally got enough courage to actually grab one (she kept getting nervous).

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