Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up {Father's Day}

I have some great memories of sleeping in places other than my bed as a kid. (Like a friend and me, 2 sleeping bags in an empty bathtub, giggling and having a blast . . . I don't think we stayed in there all night though, it was cramped!) 
I know my kids are making the same memories. They slept on the floor in mommy and daddy's room Friday night. Somehow Rylan ended up under our bed.
Dylan had been counting down the days until the Toothless (From How to Train Your Dragon) project at Lowe's. It was a bit of a challenge but very fun all the same. I think Rylan just liked hammering with the tiny hammer!
If you saw us at Target this weekend, you saw Rylan doing this:
He was being very sneaky trying to steal dum dums out of my purse. Ha!
For Father's Day I made bacon for Chris and 7-Up Biscuits for my father-in-law.
Opening presents.
My first attempt at getting a picture of Chris and the kids. Yeah, I didn't even try for another one. That was just going to frustrate everyone involved! LOL!
I saw some stunning flowers while we were out.
Sweet CeCe's was giving away free frozen yogurts to every Father for Father's Day. (They have a no sugar added option that Chris can have - Yay!)
This time last year we were in California and I was able to hug on my daddy first thing Father's Day morning. 
It was the best. I love you Dad!
Happy Father's Day!

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