Thursday, June 26, 2014

Every Hour On the Hour

Here's' a look at my day today every hour on the hour!
Rise and shine (I slept in a bit!)
Cutting up strawberries to add to my blueberries. (Not sure what I'm doing with them yet!)
Making a list of Dylan's things to get done before we leave for the pool.
Oh Jillian . . . I just discovered her Yoga Meltdown is on YouTube. It was awesome (and challenging of course!)
Packing for the pool.
Finally driving to the pool (it's only a block away - that's why Dylan isn't in a seat, but I should make him buckle up!)
Swimming with the Voss'!
Taking a break for lunch.
Chatting and having a mini nosh with my sweet friend Alicia (while watching our kids swim).
The kids making a whirlpool in the baby pool.
Still swimming!
In the middle if prepping dinner.
Watching Dylan at taekwondo.
Clean (and VERY tired) babies!
Putting laundry away.
Watching Last Comic Standing with Chris.
Nighty night!

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