Friday, January 2, 2015

My Favorite {free} Workouts

New Years Resolutions . . . most of the time they are health and fitness related, right? I would love to say that I kicked off 2015 with a great fitness resolution, but I didn't. I'm still recovering from being sick for now, 3 weeks {which has felt like 3 years}. Thanks to bronchitis, I have hurt my chest wall and can't lift anything heavy, breath deeply, etc.  So exercise it out for me right now.

When I CAN get back to exercising, there's walking/jogging, borrowing DVD's from the library, or any workout DVDs you have at home, and searching YouTube videos, BUT did you know that offers a pretty big selection of workout videos and clips???  For free???  No Hulu Plus subscription required!

Here's my go-to list for my favorites:
Sexy Legs (Jessica Smith - 10 min)
Abs (Cindy Whitmarsh - 10 min)
Pilates Abs (10 min)
Bootylicious Buns (Stephanie Vitorino - 10 min)
Bootylicious Buns 2 (Stephanie Vitorino - 11 min)
AM Yoga (Meaghan Townsend - 10 min)
Mari Winsor Flat Abs Pilates (10 min)
10 Minute Buns and Thighs (10 min - obviously!)
Better Body Blast (23 min)
Total Body in 10 (11 min)
Mind-Body Bootcamp (10 min)
5 Day Fit Pilates (16 min)

I mix and match them based on how much time I have and what I feel like doing.   Now because these are free, there are commercials . . . yes, even on the 10 minute ones. Sometimes they let you view an extended commercial before watching the video, which is great, otherwise I just try to continue the exercise, hold a plank pose, or just take a breather through the commercial break.

There are also fitness channels on Hulu that you can check out.  My favorite is:
January Jumpstart
So now there's no excuses, right?  Well, except being sick.  That's a pretty good one.  {smile}


  1. Or laziness. That's a good excuse for me anyway ;) Haha I love outdoor exercise so winter time always stinks! But for 10 min here and there, maybe I could do it. This is a good list I'll have to look into more. Thanks for linking us with us for Tuesday Talk! -Jess

    1. True. I use that excuse as well! Thanks for stopping by!


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