Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week #4 {2015}

Sunday: Click {here} to read how we continued having fun with my sister, brother in law and niece in town.  
Monday: Click {here} to read about the worst moment this week {saying goodbye to the Galla-Rini's}.
Tuesday: Back to our regular schedule, the big kids went to school and Ry and I went to mom2mom. He LOVES to go and play with his "bends" {friends}. My small group finished a little early and I got to see Ry sitting on his circle mat listening to a story.  
When he saw me, he smiled and waved, then looked to his teacher to get permission to leave.  I was impressed. His teachers are awesome.
When we got home I realized that I wore white and cream together.  Awesome.
Oh and notice my nails?!?!?  They are a different color from last week.  Can you believe it?  I actually painted them again!  
I read an amazing tip and it totally works for moms who, even if they COULD find time to paint their nails, don't have time to let them dry. Are you ready for it?
When you know you are going to be driving some place that is at least 15 minutes away, plan to leave the house 10 minutes early.  Get the kid(s) in the car.  Buckle them in, buckle yourself in, start the car and then paint your nails.  Now your nails have time to dry as your driving!  Genius, right? Just make sure that you are actually ready to drive off.  I forgot something and had to get out of the car {and re-buckle} with wet nails. It kinda defeated the purpose. Doh!
Wednesday: Yes.  He really was doing this.  Crazy kid.
Thursday: He fell asleep and I couldn't help but take a picture.  Tongue out and everything.
Friday: Dylan came downstairs and made breakfast for all 3 kids all on his own.  I was impressed.
It also happened to be the 100th day of school!
I poured Ry some Froot Loops and showed him how to sort them by color. 
{And yes, it is spelled "froot", not "fruit" - go look at a box! Crazy, right?}
He not only sorted them, but he also lined them up.
Right before nap time, he gets active.  Im guessing he's trying to keep himself up?  Today he was rolling around wrapped up in blankets.
And we decided to try all the latest trends.  Pattern mixing {camo & blues clues} & mustaches.
P.S. Ry has a mustache band-aid on because his head was healing from hitting his head and his scab fell off. Boo!
We finished up the day with Friday Family Movie Night {my favorite}.
Then as we {Chris and I} were going to bed, we noticed this . . . hummmm, wonder what tomorrow will look like!
Saturday:  Looks like the snow continued through the night and we woke up to this! Click {here} to see more pics and an adorable video of our snow fun!
Saturday mornings are cleaning day and the kids have to clean their rooms.  Ry went and made his bed and he was SO proud of himself . . . I was too!
We went to Dylan's taekwondo practice and Ry took 103,789 photos of his class.
And he actually got a few good pics of Dylan stretching {Man he is flexible!}.
And then my favorite photo . . . the inside of his nose.
After class Dylan got his hair cut.  And I think he looks spiffy!
I can't believe we are 4 weeks into 2015.  Time sure does fly by!

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