Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week #2 {2015}

Sunday - I got some after church nap time snuggles from this little one.
Later we found him like this:
Doggie pajama bottoms, plaid shirt, reading in the corner. =)
Monday was the last day of winter break and kids and I went to the market to get some {desperately needed} groceries. Little did I know that a Super a Star was going with us.
I found these awesomely soft and warm jammies for $3.50! And isn't that little girl next to me adorable in her jammies?
Tuesday morning, back to getting the kids out the door for school and Ry woke me up early. {Guess I don't need an alarm clock?}
It's okay though, he helped me make breakfast {Apple Peanut Butter Delights - yum!} by lining up ALL of our measuring spoons.
At Mom2Mom, the leader spoke on this verse for a bit. It's one that I want to memorize and pray over each of my kids.
An Arctic Blast/ Polar Vortex thing-a-ma-jiggy was coming our way on Wednesday. So as soon as the kids got home from school, we bundled up and went for a {short} walk/Razor ride in 41° weather. We lasted a whole 10 minutes. It was so cold. Burrr!
Wednesday - I'm glad we got out yesterday. Because as soon as the kids got on the bus this morning, it started to snow.
You know, it's a funny thing to experience God changing your heart. I hated the snow, hated the cold. And still, if given the choice, I would choose hot weather BUT I am beginning to appreciate this season. The snow brings such a peace and quiet with it. It's truly a beautiful sight. Plus I get to see the joy/wonder/amazement on the kids faces {only Rylan's this time as the big kids were at school!}. And it isn't forever, Spring is coming . . . so I'm learning to appreciate 21° {RealFeel® 4°!}
When we realized it felt like -8° later that evening, we {Chris and I} stepped outside to feel it.
Woah! The first thing that came to my mind was this picture that floated around FaceBook awhile back. =)
Sooooooo thankful for a warm home, a working heater, and a heating pad for my bed!
That night, Ry snuck into my warm and toasty spot in bed and fell fast asleep.
Thursday - Bathtime for the boys.
Friday - He draws on his easel throughout the day every day {thanks Papa & Sasha!}
Yup! That's yogurt in his hair. How do you get yogurt in your hair???

The kids got great grades on their report card so we surprised them with our regular Friday Family Movie Night but this time AT the movie theater. We saw Big Hero 6. Great movie. Right up Dylan's alley. When we got home he got out his toolbox and knickknacks and stayed up way to late, creating stuff.
Outside the theater they had a frozen fountain. It's one of my favorite things to see in the winter.
And here it is again when we came out of the theater. Why it melted as it was getting later/colder baffles me. But it's pretty!
Saturday - Rylan showed me how he helped decorate our entertainment center with his blocks.
Dylan helped Chris put together a desk.
I was finally able to catch a video clip of Rylan "whispering":
Then Dylan's buddy {who Rylan' kept calling his "baby brother"} came over and they had a Nerf war for a couple of hours {they were sweet and even asked Payton to play too!}
Snuggling up on daddy in attempt to avoid bedtime.

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