Saturday, September 30, 2017

Week #39 {2017} Davese & Cody In-Town

Sunday I found Rylan cleaning the windows.  He just wanted to help...and I LOVED it!
Our tree swing broke {boo!} so Chris replaced it with our porch swing.
We {of course} had to try it out and I love it there!
It was a beautiful day so we all hung outside while Chris was fixing the zip line.
I love my boys.
This dog...  I'm either laughing at him or am so OVER him.  
Dylan got a Dragon Fruit for us to try out.  It was pretty interesting.  It wasn't sweet so maybe we need to let it ripen more, but it was fun to try!
I made a bunch of Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins for the kiddos lunches.
Monday on the way home from school, we decided to turn down a road we haven't been on before and it was beau-ti-ful!
I made Flat Cookies {yes again!} for Chris to take to his in-store branches.
Tuesday I went to my momma's and we gathered up all her tree branches and put them by the street for pickup.
I think Bombi is fitting into our family nicely...
I mean, talk about making himself comfortable!
Or maybe a little TOO comfortable!
 Friday we went to Amish Town.
Saturday we had a pretty fun "Friends Day"!

Auntie D & Coco {Day 3 - Lots of Friends!}

Payton found a new boyfriend at Cracker Barrel.  Hahaha!
We met up with my momma and her {our} friends for breakfast there.
And you HAVE to rock on the rocking chairs there!
I found out that my best friend from Preschool (yes, you read that right!) was in town visiting family in Spring Hill, so I swung by for a quick hello and hug!
We ran a couple of errands and then back at home Nikki {the lady Davese took donuts to} , her momma, Susan, and her kiddos came over to visit.  Payton LOVED holding baby Sophie.
Not only do we have a lot in common because of growing up/living in Orange County, CA but we have a super random Tennessee connection as well.  When we placed our offer on this house, Susan {who is now a realtor here} was the buying agent on the backup offer for our property!  She had been here, walked the property, and even swung on the swing!  She was interested to come back and see what we have done so far to the place.
Will and Rylan hit if off great!
And Mason loved playing swords with Dylan.
It was super fun to meet people and feel like you have known them a long time!
Cant wait to hang out with them again!
After they left the Schmidts, my momma and her sweet friends came over to eat.  I want to call it was a BBQ but since I made Taco Salad...that wouldn't make sense!  
After we ate, it was shooting time.  Dylan drove...
with all these people {!} to the back of the property.
I love this photo.
Cody {an ex-marine} gave some shooting tips and advice.
And we had a blast {pun intended}!
I think Cody liked it.
A momma and her son...
Chris loves evenings like this...I think he was made for country living.
It's so fun having my sister here with me!

What I Ate {September 2017}

1 - Chicken Tenders + Sesame Asian Chopped Salad
2 - Salsarita Chicken Burrito + Chips + Salsa
3 - Grilled Chicken + Basmati Rice + Sesame Asian Chopped Salad
4 - Grilled Chicken + Long Grain & Wild Rice + Garden Salad
5 - BLT Sandwiches 
8 - Pepperoni Pizza
9 - Nachos
10 - Poncho's Chicken Taco + Enchilada + Rice + Chips & Salsa
11 - Chris' Chili + Saltines
13 - Broccoli Soup + Crackers + Green Grapes
14 - Pecan Chicken Salad Croissants + Veggies & Ranch Dip
16 - Hamburgers + Seasoned Fries
17 - Free For All
18 - Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowls
19 - Subway Spicy Italian Sandwich
20 - Garden Pasta Salad
21 - Hot Dogs & Garden Pasta Salad
22 - BLT Sandwiches & Garden Salad
23 - Carne Asada & Pollo Asada Street Tacos
24 - Carne Asada & Pollo Asada Street Tacos + Garden Salad
27 - Black Eyed Peas & Cornbread
28 - Del Taco Red Burrito
29 - Grilled Chicken + Caesar Salad + Baked Beans + Potato Salad
30 - Taco Salad