Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week #23 {2017}

Sunday the boys wanted summer cuts.
Monday we went to Downtown Columbia and a lady was out front of Muletown Coffee and had a pet parrot with her.  Payton got to hold him for a bit.
We {of course} stopped at A Balloon Shop for some yummy ice-cream.
Then back home, Dylan was making dinner {with some help from Chris} and I got to sit with my feet up for a few!
We finished the night watching the Predator game.  Go Preds!
Tuesday Chris and I worked out.  We are still doing T25 {2 years now!} and we mix it up between Alpha, Beta & Gamma.
My baby girl playing pretend with her baby girl {notice the belly bump!}.  I think Chris had a heart attack when I showed him this picture.
That evening Rylan got his Tiger Cub Red Belt.  It was the first awards ceremony I missed because I was with Payton at her softball game.
And we had another beautiful sunset.
Wednesday it was back at the pool with this crazy crew.
Chillin' in style.
Payton was awarded her green belt in today's class {since she wasn't at the awards ceremony}.
Thursday this lazy bum woke up, walked over and curled up right next to me and promptly fell right back asleep.
I have a new stuffed animal for my bed.  Isn't this one cute?
Then Gigi helped us go pick up our new-to-us car.  It's an old car, but with living in the country {read: gravel driveway and carrying a ton of things all the time}...we needed one that could get dirty and it be okay. My favorite thing is this:
All the kids can have their own row and won't be touching each other {well at least not as much! Hahahaha!}.
I guess this was the week for rolling hay.  It seemed like every farm was in the process or their fields looked like this.  We always say "Hay Girl!" when we drive by...yes, we are geeks.
That night we ran into the Schmidts {again!} at the ballpark.
Friday we went to Splashin' Safari.
Saturday morning Bombi was not happy with us. {See post about Holiday World above.}
Dylan worked some more on the bathroom demo.
And we finished the week off with hanging outside while Chris and the kiddos played catch!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

We woke up early, jumped into the car {with Go-Gurts in hand} and hit the road.
  We forgot about it being Friday and rush hour traffic, but it wasn't too bad...especially when we get to look at that skyline.
And then the Nissan Stadium.
We crossed over into Kentucky...
And drove over this awesome bridge to Indiana!
What were we doing in Indiana, you ask?  Does this give you a clue?
Christmas in June...only in Santa Claus, Indiana!
We got to our destination... Holiday World & Splashin' Safari!
Here are the kiddos, ready to go:

Then I stuck my phone in a locker and we went and played.
We went on one ride in Holiday World {because Splashin' Safari opens 1 hour later} and then we hit the waterpark. It was an awesome day.  Not too hot, not too cold.
At lunch I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pics.
Then we went back out for more rides.
When we were done we got our stuff and headed home.
It was super fun and can't wait to go back! We really didn't explore Holiday World all that much because we wanted to do all the water rides.
The only thing that wasn't  awesome was what we came home to....  Even though my mom had come over to let Bombi out and feed him, he was mad that we were gone and tore up his bed. {#puppylife}

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week #22 {2017}

Sunday morning
{recipe here}
And the littles made a cute fort.
I jumped in to snuggle with them for a few.
We had Chinese Chicken Salad {+ Garlic Toast} for dinner and it was super yummy.
Then Ry got to help daddy with the yard work.
Monday was Memorial Day!  We are so thankful to all of those who have fought {and sacrificed} for our freedoms!
The day started with Bombi snuggled up tight {he looks so tiny!}.
Then we headed to the market...and ran into 2 of the Schmidts!  {We run into them EVERYWHERE since we fun!}
My momma came over for a BBQ {or grill out/cookout or whatever Southerner's call it!} and I made my very first Blackberry Pie.
We gave Bombi a bath and he was NOT happy with us. 
We ended the day with a stunning sunset.
Tuesday was a pool day! {my favorite}
These 2 cuties played and played the entire time.
My goobers and Sam had a great time too.
That night at Payton's TKD, all the little brothers and sisters were hanging out and being so cute!
Wednesday night Ry had his TKD belt testing.
He did great AND won the game they played after class.  He was super excited.
This dog...  good thing he is cute, because he would be gone by now.  We are definitely in the puppy "terrible twos".
Thursday morning I made 7-Up Biscuits...  They are the best homemade biscuit recipe around.
Dylan did some taekwondo tutoring.
Then we went to run some errands and stumbled upon this awesome yard sale.  The people have this "cabin" on the property and it was full of stuff {a lot of antiques!}.  Everything was laid out just like an antique store.  It was awesome.
Then it was on to Costco!
We finished the night with Ry's first T-Ball game.
He dressed himself and was a sweet hot mess.
Friday my Yucca plant was in full bloom.
And then it was Payton's turn for her first softball game of the season.
Gooooooo Dolphins!
When Bombi hears Chris or the kiddos out in the garage, he waits for them to come back in.
Saturday was Payton's TKD belt testing.
She did awesome!
Gigi got some Ry-Time in.
And poor guy was miserable with his pterodactyl bug bites he got while playing in the trees/bushes at Payton's softball game last night.
That night we went to some friends house for a BBQ {they are originally from California so it definitely WAS a BBQ}.  They made yummy hamburgers and I made our jalapeƱo poppers.
JalapeƱos filled with cream cheese with bacon bits, green onion and shredded cheese mixed in.  Spicy and yummy.
Whew!  That was a super busy week!