Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week #9 {2015}

Sunday we had some ninja assassins come and invade our house.
School was cancelled still on Monday {because of the early morning ice on the roads}, so once the ice melted, we got out of the house to run a bunch of errands that we didn't get to do last week. One of the stops was to the Library. Dylan got a 98 page book on Louis Armstrong for a school project and finished it in 35 minutes. 
And Payton thought it was summertime.
I caught a sweet moment between these two.
That right there is my favorite peeps.
Tuesday morning the kids had late start, and was the first time in ELEVEN days that they had school. They got ready with plenty of time left and got to watch some Netflix before the bus got here.
When Ry and I got to mom2mom we discovered that he was twinsies with his buddy Eli!
Wednesday we received an email from the kids school that there was a small kitchen fire in the cafeteria and they had to evacuate the entire school . . . But everyone was fine and back in their classrooms. Crazy!
Isn't my sleeping boy so sweet?
Thursday morning I woke up on the couch because little man had a rough night and I couldn't sleep -but getting snuggles from him made it all okay.
That and It was ANOTHER snow day for school!
Monday = snow day
Tuesday = late start
Wednesday = fire evacuation 
Thursday = snow day
I'm sure the kids aren't learning much this week. LOL!
And by 10:45 am most of the snow had melted.
Dylan decided he wanted to make cookies.
Side note: Snow days are NOT good for my waistline, or my rear. {sigh}
This cookie dough was FAN.TAS.TIC. We could have eaten that whole bowl.
While the cookies cooled we had a comeback of their Halloween costumes.
{Dylan only put his on halfway.}
Then it was frosting time.
So very very very very very very very good!
For dinner we had Deluxe BBQ chicken Pizza. The bacon, pineapple and jalapeƱos make it deluxe and stinkin' wonderful. Though next time I'm doubling
{or tripling} the jalapeƱos. The kids picked them off but liked the kick it left behind.
I finished another book! {Who am I? Maybe Dylan is rubbing off on me!}
Friday Dylan had a friend come over and Rylan kept going on about Cullen being his best biend {friend}.
Saturday Chris and Dylan made some yummy brownies. They were so yummy. 
Payton got some snuggles with her daddy,
I got snuggles with Ry,
then it was Dylan's turn to get some snuggles.
It was a perfect Saturday night!

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