Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flying Home {California Day 6}

Woke up and had to say goodbye to my daddy as he headed off to work.
Then my mom and I headed to the airport. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and this morning was gloomy and foggy. Perfect for sitting in traffic. Ha! This is the 55 South at 8:00am. Good thing we left a little bit early!
The bottom pic is getting onto the 405 South. I don't miss this traffic!
But I WILL miss this wonderful lady. I'm lucky I get to call her Mom. We said goodbye {and shed a tear or two}.
After I got through security, Chris sent me a pic of his view while he was working. 
Although I was sad to be saying bye to my family I was excited to be heading back to my family. 
It was an amazing trip. We laughed, we reminisced, we made new memories to hold onto until next time. I'm physically tired - but emotionally full.
Bye California!
Traveling alone without kids, it's so weird . . . and so boring.
When I landed in Nashville, I had three excited kiddos waiting for me.
And a happy husband. I gave him the Togo's Sandwich and the kids the Del Taco burritos I brought them and they ate them on the way home.
So glad I got to hug on them again.
After a hot shower and getting into my jammies, it was snuggle time again. I missed these moments!!!
Now back to normal life!

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