Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week #7 {2015}

Sunday was a warm-ish day so after church the kids played outside all afternoon.
Monday was THE day.  The day that McAlister's opened up right by my house.  
Chris was working from home so he took an early lunch and we got there right when it opened at 10:30am.  They had updated their "country bumpkin" {as I would call it} decor to more of a Panera Bread feel. I wonder if they will start remodeling the other locations . . .
Yup.  We were very excited! They have the BEST iced tea {unsweet with 2 Equals of course!}
Savannah Chopped Salad & Harvest Chicken Salad Sandwich for me.  Yum!
When we got home Ry worked on his Valentine's for his friends in his mom2mom class.
For Tuesday I have no pictures, only one story.  When I picked up Ry from mom2mom his teacher told me that Ry was so cute because he talked about his valentine's the whole time.  He ran over to his stuff and grabbed the bag of his leftover valentines.  He didn't care about the new ones he got from his friends. Just the ones he put together.  Cute, huh?
Wednesday somebody missed the bus this morning and I had to drive him to school.
Picasso Jr.
And we had dinner at McAlister's!
I told you I love this place.
Ry's been sleeping on our bedroom floor ever since I got back from California. He's cute but this needs to be fixed ASAP.
Thursday I had a BIG helper. First with putting away the dishes {which was very entertaining}.
Then he was awesome at folding laundry.
Friday the kids had their Valentine's party at school so I put these surprises in their lunch.
I saw this sign at the post office. {Amen!}
Then it was gymnastics time.
When we got home I made this FANTASTIC Turkey Cranberry Croissant Sandwich for lunch. Yummmmm so good!
When the kids got home {all sugared up and spastic} they all went thru their Valentine's.
D went to his friend house for a little bit and then it was time for his awards ceremony. He's a Level 3 Brown Belt!
Since Saturday was Happy Heart Day, I blogged about it in a separate post {here}.

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