Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week #6 {2015}

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Wednesday was shot. I took two different 1.5 hour naps and could have slept 6+ hours more. I did take one video of How Ry does the "come here" finger gesture. 
And I took one picture of dinner. Super easy and super yummy, Hobo Packets. Perfect for this jet lagged girl!
Thursday Ry was being a ham while watching himself on the iPad.
Then all three kids had a dentist appointment. 
Funny story . . . I picked the kids up at school, walked to my car and I had a flat tire. Thank goodness their dentist is right across and down the street just a little ways, cause we huffed it all the way down there and made it just in time!
All three kids being examined/cleaned at once!
This was Ry's first time "in the chair" {Last time the Dentist examined him in his stroller.} and he did great.
Oh and about my flat tire . . . I have a superhero of a husband. He met me at my car right after we were done at the dentist. He told me to take his car, drop Dylan off at taekwondo and go home. He stayed in the cold, dressed in work clothes, and changed my tire for me. Yes, I married well. 
Friday Payton had a field trip to a Plantation. My friend sent me this pic. She is learning to write with a quill.
I took Ry to gymnastics.
He absolutely loves it.
But on days when he goes to gymnastics, he naps so very well.
Things I love in that picture?  The little guy right next to me.  Sharing nap times with him {I'm still claiming jet lag!} and my grandma's embroidered pillow cases.
That night Chris & Payton went to the Daddy/Daughter Dance at school.
Saturday Dylan had another belt testing.  I know he was nervous, because he pushes down on his belt like this:
Rooting on their big brother!
Doing his forms.
And then sparring.
The awards ceremony is next Friday!
After testing, we headed to a Boat & Fishing show in Nashville.
Dylan's favorite part was the knives.
And they enjoyed touching catfish.
But my favorite moment was this one, seeing a man carrying a rifle and also a pistol hanging out of his back right pocket.
And thanks to YouTube, I learned how to take apart my washing machine.
Unfortunately, after pulling it apart, I discovered a chain necklace hanging through one of the holes on the bottom.  I didn't need to pull it apart in the first place!  Oh well, now I know for next time!
And did I mention that I have a great husband?  He turns on our heating pad so that my side of the bed is nice and toasty when I go to get in.

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