Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rylan's Birth Story

After being sent home on Thursday (click here to see the details) I had it in my mind that I would not be having this baby until May 2nd, my due date.  So on Saturday afternoon (the 21st) when I started to leak fluid and wasn't having contractions, I was telling myself that this HAD to do with my bladder infection.  But after 6 hours of the leaking getting worse and still no consistent contractions, I called my doctors office and they said to go into the hospital.
Chris and I were talking on the way about how they might be sending me home AGAIN and about how anti-climatic this was.
Checking into the hospital (the last picture of me pregnant!):
We got there at 7:00pm and they checked me and I was still 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  Great.  I thought they would tell me that it wasn't amniotic fluid and that I needed to go home, BUT they tested and it WAS amniotic fluid!  Woo hoo!  Baby boy would be here in 24 hours!
They let me labor naturally on my own and my contractions got to be 3-4 minutes apart.  But I wasn't dilating, so the doctor broke my water (fully) at 10:15pm.  The anesthesiologist came in and gave me an epidural at 10:30pm.  At 12:15am on Sunday I was 4 cm dilated and they started pitocin.  At 1:45am I was 5 cm dilated and almost fully effaced and at a 0 station.  At 2:05am they gave me a bolster in pitocin (because I was having a "window" or a "hot spot").  At 2:30am I was 10cm dilated and READY TO GO!
They brought Dr. Leezer in and got everything set up.  I started pushing at 2:45am and baby boy made his appearance to the world at 3:25am!

Oh and did I get to mention that Chris got to help deliver the baby????  How cool is that?
Such an amazing moment.
Chris couldn't have been happier!
This is one of my favorite pictures.  Chris is so stoked that he got to help deliver him, he was finally here, and I am crying tears of joy.

Here he is all nice and cleaned up after Nurse Marcy gave him his bath.
Here he is:  Rylan Micah Lewis

Chris went home around 4:30am because Payton had woken up at 1:00am and wasn't going back to sleep for Papa and Sasha.
They all came to meet Rylan when everyone woke up.  Here are their reactions:
Dylan getting to hold his baby brother.
They had to check out everything on his face. 
Proud daddy.
Payton's turn to hold him!
Here he is in the "hospital uniform".
My sweet baby boy.  So glad he has completed our family.

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