Friday, March 31, 2017

What I Ate {March 2017}

Here's what we ate for dinners this month!

1 - Chicken Pesto Pasta
2 - Garden Salad
3 - Tacos
4 - Hardee's Hamburger + Curly Fries
5 - Black Beans + Chipotle Rice Bowls
7 - Hamburgers + Seasoned Fries
8 - La Villa Carne Asada Taco
9 - Swedish Meatballs + Green Peas
10 - Nachos
11 - Papa Murphy's Pepperoni Pizza
12 - Grilled White Pepper Chicken + Long Grain and Wild Rice
13 - Bob's Brisket + Cucumber Slices
14 - BLT Sandwiches + Salad
16 - Alcapulcos Nachos
17 - Chicken Pot Pie + Cucumber Slices

18 - Hamburgers + BBQ Chips
19 - Logan's Garden Salad + Grilled Veggie Skewer + Sweet Potato + Broccoli
20 - Legends Meatloaf + Fried Okra + Yeast Rolls {yes, plural!}
21 - Tito's Carne Asdada + Chips & Salsa
22 - McAlisters Tomato Basil Soup
23 - Angel Chicken + Garden Salad
24 - Chicken Fajita Burritos
25 - Mellow Mushroom Pepperoni Pizza
26 - ???
27 - ???
28 - Red Robin Mac & Cheese + Fries
29 - Free For All
30 - Jersey Mikes Vito Sandwich
31 - Beans & Rice Bowl

Thursday, March 30, 2017

We Bought a {Mini} Farm!

Ever since we bought our house Chris has always joked... "I wanted acreage and a 3 car garage... she wanted a cul-de-sac and a neighborhood, and she won!".  
It was great for the kids. I made some AMAZING friends with the neighbors there.  That house made the move to Tennessee feel like home.
It wasn't one particular thing, but a culmination of many small things that made us decide to move.  In January we started looking at homes for sale.  We talked with our realtor, and because of the market here...we really couldn't be a contingent buyer.  So we decided to list our house and see what would happen.  We listed it on a Friday, and said we wouldn't show it until our Open House on Sunday.  And it the Open House!
We weren't expecting it to happen so quickly and Chris and I looked at each other with the "Holy cow! What are we going to do now?" looks on our face.
The following Tuesday we went to look at a house and we walked away discouraged.  What we were looking for, in the price range that we wanted, just wasn't out there...and now we had the added pressure of a move out date for our current house.  Chris said to me...if God had our house sell, he has another house for us!
Wednesday our realtor sent us a brand new listing {like it was on the market for less than an hour} and it looked promising.  I called Chris and he left his office and met us there right away. We walked to the front of the house and looked out at the view.  Right after I took this picture:
Chris looked at me and said "This is it, isn't it?".  We hadn't even looked inside the house! But we knew we could fix/change the house...but we couldn't get a different view.  It was stunning.
So after looking in the house {which had already had some renovations done but needed some more}, we made an offer on the house and it was accepted.
Fast forward to today... This is the house:
It's is much smaller than what we were in but it sits on 9+ acres.  It is a mini farm and we will in the future, hopefully get some animals {chickens and cows}.  Chris didn't get his 3 car garage but he got a barn that has a workshop and we could park an additional 2 cars in I think he will be okay {wink!}.
In the middle of unpacking today, I got to swing with my girl.

The kids played on the playset.
And they spent hours on this amazing swing.
Bombi likes it too.
He stays pretty close to us and doesn't wander too far.
We also had our first guests over today!  My mom brought The Stellmack's over and they fed us dinner! Thanks Eric & Jeanine!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moving Day

Today we closed on the house and then we did this...
Everyone was pitching in.
With a few swing breaks at our new favorite spot.
First family photo at the new place.  We are pooped from moving... but all showered and ready to crash into our beds.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Packing Up!

So...we are moving!  
I'll give you more details later, but today we picked up the moving truck.
And our house was in disarray.
Some of my sweet {amazing} neighbors came over to help and we loaded up the truck!
After we did our final walk through on the new house we went to Red Robin to eat. 
Tomorrow is the big day!

Wonder {book review}

I've heard really good things about this book {Wonder by R.J. Palacio} so I added it to my "to read" list.  It's a kids book about a boy named August who has some facial deformities who enters a mainstream school for the first time in 5th grade.  It was a cute book which I would recommend to any kid to read or to be read aloud to.  {I would think 8 years old +.}
I give this book 4 stars!
Here is the other books I have finished so far in 2017:
(4) Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey
(3) Black Sands by Colleen Coble
(2) The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian
(1) Desperate by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Week #12 {2017}

Sunday morning I had a little guy fall asleep in my arms. I really didn't think that I would fall in love with Bombi as much as I have.
While Dylan was at a birthday party, we went and checked out the Duck River.  It was a beautiful day, but the water was cold.
This is our evening routine...getting the kids Bombi tired.
Monday morning, it was family T25 time!
Then the littles and I went to pick up Auntie D & Unc from the airport and you can read about the next 4 days {here}.
Thursday night we looked over and saw Bombi like this. #crazydog
Friday morning, I had an early morning co-worker.
Eek!  He's cute!
Saturday morning, I heard some talking and I walked in to find Payton and Rylan like this:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unc & My Sister Are in Town!

So my sister called a couple of weeks ago with some super fun news!  My Uncle {who's technically not my uncle} was flying out to Nashville for the week and asked if she {and Miles too} could come along to see us!  So we got to go to Nashville Signature to pick them up...
because they flew in style {yes, they realized that they were lucky ducks!}!
First stop was The Perch.
Since I knew they were flying private and didn't have the liquid limitations, I asked if she could bring Rylan his favorite salad dressing that is only sold in California.  He calls it "pshew pshew dressing" {like the sound of fireworks} because that is what it does in his mouth.  {wink}
They brought us Del Taco!
We are so glad that they got to come and see us!
We went to dinner at Legends.
And got back in time to watch an AMAZING thunder and lightning storm. {Yes, we pulled chairs out on our front porch and sat down and watched it!}
Tuesday we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where Unc bought Payton some adorable headbands!
And Auntie bought Rylan Peeps on a stick.
We headed to the Faded Farmhouse.
And Unc was even a trooper and sat in between the kiddos, cause they asked him too.
We did some more window shopping at Downtown Franklin.
And then back home to love on this little guy.
Dinner at Tito's where we sat outside on the patio while a GIGANTIC storm rolled through.  It was incredible!
A boy and his dog.
Auntie was trying to love on Bombi....but he was trying to lick her face instead.
This guy let her love on him though!
Later that night Unc and Auntie went and picked up Gigi from the airport {she was visiting my other sister in Colorado}.
Wednesday morning, we went to breakfast at Katie Pie's Country Kitchen.
Auntie J {from Colorado} had sent gifts to the kids, and Ry wasn't excited...not one little bit.
We went to Downtown Columbia where Rylan paid off his TMNT that was on layaway at A Balloon Shop.  That was an amazing lesson learned!
Then to Gigi's to hang out for a bit.
The kids love blowing off the deck, and end up putting it in each others faces.
Back at home.  Bomb is getting huge.
But can still snuggle up {Thursday morning}.
The last stop before Unc and Auntie flew back home was Marcy Jo's of course!
I tried the Sticky Buns instead of the Cinnamon Roll and it was amazing as well.
Saying goodbye!
What an incredible time we had with Unc and Auntie D. We love you guys! Come back soon!