Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unc & My Sister Are in Town!

So my sister called a couple of weeks ago with some super fun news!  My Uncle {who's technically not my uncle} was flying out to Nashville for the week and asked if she {and Miles too} could come along to see us!  So we got to go to Nashville Signature to pick them up...
because they flew in style {yes, they realized that they were lucky ducks!}!
First stop was The Perch.
Since I knew they were flying private and didn't have the liquid limitations, I asked if she could bring Rylan his favorite salad dressing that is only sold in California.  He calls it "pshew pshew dressing" {like the sound of fireworks} because that is what it does in his mouth.  {wink}
They brought us Del Taco!
We are so glad that they got to come and see us!
We went to dinner at Legends.
And got back in time to watch an AMAZING thunder and lightning storm. {Yes, we pulled chairs out on our front porch and sat down and watched it!}
Tuesday we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where Unc bought Payton some adorable headbands!
And Auntie bought Rylan Peeps on a stick.
We headed to the Faded Farmhouse.
And Unc was even a trooper and sat in between the kiddos, cause they asked him too.
We did some more window shopping at Downtown Franklin.
And then back home to love on this little guy.
Dinner at Tito's where we sat outside on the patio while a GIGANTIC storm rolled through.  It was incredible!
A boy and his dog.
Auntie was trying to love on Bombi....but he was trying to lick her face instead.
This guy let her love on him though!
Later that night Unc and Auntie went and picked up Gigi from the airport {she was visiting my other sister in Colorado}.
Wednesday morning, we went to breakfast at Katie Pie's Country Kitchen.
Auntie J {from Colorado} had sent gifts to the kids, and Ry wasn't excited...not one little bit.
We went to Downtown Columbia where Rylan paid off his TMNT that was on layaway at A Balloon Shop.  That was an amazing lesson learned!
Then to Gigi's to hang out for a bit.
The kids love blowing off the deck, and end up putting it in each others faces.
Back at home.  Bomb is getting huge.
But can still snuggle up {Thursday morning}.
The last stop before Unc and Auntie flew back home was Marcy Jo's of course!
I tried the Sticky Buns instead of the Cinnamon Roll and it was amazing as well.
Saying goodbye!
What an incredible time we had with Unc and Auntie D. We love you guys! Come back soon!

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