Monday, May 8, 2017

Duke TIP

Because of Dylan's score on the state testing, he got invited through the Duke University TIP Program to take the ACT test as a 7th grader back in February.  He said it was super hard and he didn't think he did good.  
Well, not only did he do good overall... but he scored in the top percentile for the nation in the Science portion and got invited to the State Recognition Ceremony!
{Isn't he adorable?}
The ceremony was held at Belmont University {which is a BEAUTIFUL campus} and was for all the  top scorers in the state of Tennessee.
It was a pretty neat experience.
And we {of course} are very proud!
Afterwards Chris had to head back to work, but Gigi took us out to lunch to celebrate.  Check out that Goo Goo Clusters Pie!  {It was yum!}

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