Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week #6 {2017}

Sunday afternoon, we picked up this kid from Winter Camp.
We were SO excited to have him back.  Life isn't the same without him around!
And he had a blast.  He can't wait to go again!
That evening we went to a Super Bowl party, but because this guy was ex-haus-ted.  We only stayed for part of it.
Monday I got some fun mail.  It's much better to see this than bills come in! {Thanks Vese!}
Tuesday I tried out Hello Fresh.  It was super fun to get a box with everything all ready to go!
Wednesday my momma took Ry and I out to this amazing restaurant... Barbara's Home Cookin for lunch.  Oh my word.  Hot yeast rolls, mac and cheese, green beans, fried okra and pineapple casserole.  It was fan-tastic!
My sweet niece, Kenzi, made and mailed us {my mom, Jeannine, and me} an awesome gift.  Muletown Coffee was my dad's coffee shop that he loved to go and talk to people about Jesus.  This is such a sweet reminder that I absolutely love.
And Rylan loved it too.  He wouldn't put it down!
That night was night two for Hello Fresh.  If I'm being honest, the first meal was okay.  {I ate it.  The kids picked at it.} But the second meal was a disaster.  The sweet potatoes were hard. I cooked the chicken almost double the time and it still wasn't done, the chicken stuck to the parchment paper, and even the pieces that I picked off had no flavor.  I will say the brussel sprouts were awesome.... but cutting the sprouts, tossing with olive oil, seasoning with salt and pepper and baking is a little hard to mess up.
After dinner, this happened.  It was cute to see them try to work together {for 30 seconds!}.
Thursday was Dylan's 2nd Degree Black Belt testing night.
Friday we went to Downtown Columbia again...
Muletown's Dixie Pecan Latte is amazing.
And we got to go out to lunch with this little guy.
That night was the kids taekwondo awards ceremony.
And we got a beautiful sunset on the way home.
Saturday I dropped Dylan off to take the ACT test.  He said it was stinkin' hard, but I was still proud that he went and did his best.
That evening was the Daddy Daughter Dance at Payton's school.  Aren't they so cute?
She came back home all sugared up!

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