Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week #8 {2017}

Sunday after church we went to Gigi's house.  We realized that Dylan is almost as tall as her now!
She took us to lunch at Katiepie's Country Kitchen.
My mom and I shared the Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich.  Ohmigoodness...only Southerners would think up this deliciousness!
The kids colored pilgrims,
And Katie, herself, helped them hang it on the wall.
Back at Gigi's.  Chris took a quick nap in my dad's chair.
While the kids decorated some choo choo trains.
Then then went to the backyard to play.  Rylan hammered,
while Payton tried to hang up a swing.
With a little help, she was able to swing and swing.
Isn't my mom beautiful?
Monday Barry Meguiar {who spoke at my dad's memorial} posted on Instagram what he had shared while speaking at a church service the day before. This comment just stuck with me.  I couldn't stop thinking about it.  How so many of my prayers are selfish, or only about making my family's life easier.  But that's not the goal is it?  The goal is that everyone should come to saving faith in Christ.  If that's the goal, than why don't my prayers line up? #convicting
Since it was President's Day and the kids were home from school, we had a lazy morning. I love capturing moments like this.
It was a bea-u-tiful day, so the kids played outside.
and tried to catch some rays.
Then we took a walk around the neighborhood {And yes, I fight with Dylan all the time about wearing a was so much easier when he was 3 and HAD to do what I said!}.
Tuesday Rylan woke up and got dressed all on his own.  #cootiepatootie
Wednesday I had a tea party.
And after the party, Rylan worked on his math school work.
Thursday was a beautiful foggy morning with the sun peaking through while I was driving Dylan to Souled Out {a Christian Club at school}.
My crazy egg loving girl.
Friday I sat on a neighbor's patio and watched a storm roll in {while the kiddos played}.
That night I was going through some old photo albums.  This was my favorite find.  He was such an amazing dad.  I miss him so much.
Saturday we went to my mom's for a burn.

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