Saturday, February 25, 2017


Today we did something that Dylan has been begging to do for years...  We went to Gigi's house to do a burn.
Us California's were a bit nervous since we grew up with Smokey the Bear ingraining us with "Only you can prevent forest fires!".
This was Chris' favorite part!
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It was fun, even though I forgot to bring the stuff to make smores {next time!}.
And we all reeked of smoke.
This was a 12 year old's dream.  We used to talk with my dad about being able to burn stuff in his backyard.  I hope he knows that we finally did it and that we had a blast.  I wish he could have been here to watch the joy on the kids faces.
When we were done, I looked over to see Rylan watching tv like this.
Doesn't it look so comfortable? Ha!

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