Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bad News, Good News, Bad News {again}, Good News

So Friday night, right before going to bed, the screen on my phone stopped working. It was unresponsive. Zip, zilch, nada. BAD NEWS.
I went to bed worrying every time I woke up that night just how much this was going to cost to fix it . . . and thinking, if it is too much then could I really live without a phone???
Saturday morning I researched it and figured it was the LCD screen and guessed it would be anywhere from $150-$250 (based in what people said online). I took the first available appointment at the Apple store but it wasn't until Monday afternoon.
So we just continued with our day. Dylan had a football game in Wartrace, TN (pronounced war-trace not wart-race like Siri said. Ha!) It was about 1 hour and 10 minutes from us so we decided to make a day of it. We left early and drove the long way (only added 12 min) there and stopped in Bell Buckle where we tried to get some lunch. I busted out my huge ol' iPad to take this picture and felt so awkward!
It was an adorable old historic town full of antique shops. I said "tried to get some lunch" because the place was packed!! That main restaurant had no empty tables and a long line of people waiting to be sat. Then we walked over to a deli and everyone who walked in AFTER us was being served and we were just looked over (bummer!).
So we ended up at a gas station to get some munchies to hold us over.
Dylan's team did awesome. Here is is, running out onto the field:
They won 43-0.
That night Ry started running a low grade fever and was fussy, so Sunday morning the big kids and I headed to church while Chris stayed home with Ry guy.
After church we headed to Build-A-Bear. Forgetting that the mall doesn't open until noon on Sundays, we killed some time eating at Einstein Bagels (best bagels ever).
It hit me that we were going to the mall, where the Apple store is . . . so that was our first stop. Good news! My phone is under warranty so they will fix it for free! Woot woot!
While they fixed it, we went to Build-A-Bear.
Then we went back to pick up my phone and bad news, my phone is so corrupted they are giving me a new one {good news} but all my pictures are gone (I hadn't done a backup since the end of August). {REALLY BAD NEWS} I had over 600 pictures on there. Ugh. BUT I got a new phone and it didn't cost me a penny!
Wanna hear the AWESOME NEWS? When I got home, my iPad had ALL my pictures on the Photo Stream. I had just turned it on a few days ago. I was SO excited to see those!
That night Payton asked if we could put her hair in curlers. But of course!
I can't wait for you to see how it turned out!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pink Eye the Sequal

This week started out great with Rylan "riding" his glider.
What do I spy under my green tomato? Two huge heirloom tomatoes! Yay!
These two love each other.
Waiting for the school bus to get home!
Playing My Little Ponies at football practice.
My superheroes!
Somebody likes soccer.
I'm jealous that my sister, Davese, gets to see and hug on our dad ALL the time. I miss both of those faces and LOVE getting pictures like this.
So, last week we finished Payton's pink eye meds, and everything was okay until Wednesday. She came home from school and had it AGAIN! Ugh! She stayed home from school on Thursday to get started on more medicine. I had to run to the market quickly with both kids in tow (and yes, I sanitized the cart when we were done!). Ry was a big helper.
A couple hours later . . . dun . . . dun . . . DUN!
Yup. Ry got it.
And got it bad. After starting the meds he got worse. It got so bad, so quickly I got concerned and took him to the doctors. {So grateful for walk-in "after hours" at our pediatrician!}
I gave him my phone while we waited for the doctor and he took some awesome pictures.
Yes his eye was almost swollen shut.
He snapped pics of Payton,
and of me.
He told the nurse he had "diarrhea in his eye". Ha!
The doctor came in and said his pink eye was "epic" and the worse she'd seen.
His whole eye was covered in blood.
He woke up the next morning with his eye glued shut from the goobers.
At lease he was {somewhat} smiling after we wiped it off.
A few hours later he was doing so much better. His eye will be bloodshot for a couple of weeks though.
Unfortunately, while we were at the doctors, Dylan had a performance at school that we missed. I was SO bummed to not be there. Chris went and video taped a bit for me. Here's my favorite part:
Today was full of cleaning, sanitizing, laundry and more laundry. Ry fell asleep here at naptime 
{instead of his bed where I put him}.
And we ended the week my favorite way - Snuggled up for family movie night.
Yup, Ry's tired so he's playing with his hair. And see that pillow in his lap? That's MY grandma's. I love it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Football & Cheer Weekend!

Another football weekend, and I'm beginning to understand why people get SO into it here. It's a lot if fun!
Payton's squad finally all got their uniforms in and this was the first game they got to wear it to.
Our home field is pretty awesome. And as you can see, it was a beautiful day!
Getting ready for game time!
Dylan is #9.
All my cheerleading memories (from Jr. High & High School) came flooding back to me. It's bizarre to see my DAUGHTER doing (literally at times) the same thing.
Look what Chris and I had to drink. {love}
Ohmigoodness. This is a favorite picture of mine. I'm so glad that Payton gets to cheer for Dylan. It makes it so special.
Leaving the game and we got to see more hot air balloons!
We went out to dinner at Tito's {yum!} and little man was CR-A-ZY (he didn't have a nap because of the game).
Yes, my heart skipped a beat when I captured this photo.
Crazy sleeping boy on Sunday morning.
We tried out a new church (again) to hopefully find a church home. (And we liked it and are going back next week - whoop whoop!)
I flat-ironed Payton's hair and I thought she looked so grown up (and pretty too!)
Love finding these on my phone.
Sunday night snuggle time!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week in Review {Regular Life Edition}

Man, the weeks are just flying by. I'm gonna blink and it's going to be Christmas!
This little man and his sleeping habits . . . they're horrible and adorable all at the same time.
Underware man found a great place to keep his phone.
All day long I heard "hi momma, how are you doing today?" And then he would tell me to get my phone and talk to him. I LOVED it.
Monday nights Dylan has football practice but Payton doesn't have cheer. She loves to go anyway because she gets to play with all her friends.
Ha! Her princess wand on her face. Wish I had video of her falling asleep like this.
Dylan did his hair for school all by himself. He did a great job! My baby boy is growing up! {tear}
I froze some (okay a lot) of grapes for Chris. He's enjoyed having these to munch on for dessert. Oh and the rest of the family sure likes them too. I literally have bought 3 bags this week!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Rylan still plays with his hair. Every time he got his binky he would automatically reach up and start playing with it. I'm glad to see that even though he doesn't have his binky as much (only at nap/bedtime), he still does his hair thing. Sweet boy.
We had a beautiful and huge sunset. This pic doesn't do it justice.
Baby boy with his big blues. I melt.
Waiting for the school bus to get home on a absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. It wasn't hot, it wasn't cold. I was in jeans and a tee and just as the sun was getting a little bit warm a slight breeze blew. It was perfect.
Ry has an interesting way he likes to count
to ten. #crazyboy
Dylan had a friend over to hang out. They are in that "little boy/big boy stage". It was so cute to watch. 
Payton had a visitor in the middle of the night. These moments are so sweet.

My beautiful girl (with a sassy pose!).
Payton and I secretly changed Dylan's wallpaper on his iPad Mini a while ago. And it's still on there. LOL! Guess he likes it.
This boy tried my patience this week.  Not only did we have the peeing in the bucket debacle, there was also the time I had to clean up yellow paint that he spilled all over the carpet and a rug, but then I walked into the kitchen to find this. {deep breath in and count to ten}
Every day this week, Ry and I went to the kids school at lunch time to give Payton her medicine for her pink eye (which both Chris and I got as well - boo!). I promised her that we would stay and have lunch with her on Friday and we did!
Then we hung around and waited until Dylan's lunch time and then had lunch with him. I know that {very} soon he won't want me around like this so I am relishing every moment I can.
And Ry obviously got my "pone" (phone) at some point.
Payton had her friend over for a play date. They spent all day at school and then came home and played "school" again. Ha!
I got to snuggle up with this girl for family movie night. It was the best.
I loves weeks like this, us just doing regular life!