Saturday, April 14, 2018

Week #15 {2018}

Sunday we started painting the Littles bedroom.
Monday was soccer practice for Ry's team.
God's sunsets are amazing!
I laughed when I tucked Ry into bed.  He had EVERY stuffed animal surrounding him.
P-Girl had a few too!
Tuesday Rylan got some pre-bedtime snuggles with daddy.
And King Bombi looked quite comfortable too.
Wednesday Bombi got loose {again} and we had to go pick him up at the neighbor's house.
Thursday morning, Rylan wrote notes on Dylan and Payton's napkins for their lunch box.
He also wrote a card to his teacher too!  Isn't it sweet?
That evening Chris was mowing {can you see him} and the sunset was stunning!
Friday morning I went to wake the kids up and found the saddest/sweetest note slid outside of P and Ry's door.
"I need you Mommy" written by Rylan.
My momma brought me these sweet flowers on Easter Sunday and they are STILL beautiful!
We needed to get some yard work done so while Chris mowed.  I picked up sticks.
Then we went to the kids TKD Awards Ceremony.
Saturday was the Ladies Tea at my momma's church.

Tea Time!

It was raining today which means P-Girl's soccer game was cancelled which means she got to go with me to the Ladies Tea at my momma's church!
I love this girl.
My mom was on the Ladies Tea team for years at her old church in California, and she asked her church here if they could hold one.  She did an amazing job planning with the new team and her table was beautiful!
The food was super yummy {of course!}
Look how adorable these tea bag cookies are!
Me and my girl!
Vickie from A Balloon Shop {which is were we love to go get ice-cream} came.
As well as my momma's sweet neighbor Betty!
Jennifer had her own beautiful table {which I didn't get a photo of - boo!}.
The event was wonderful momma!  I can't wait for next years tea!

Friday, April 13, 2018

TKD Awards Ceremony

TKD Belt Ceremony time again! Ry was first.
He is now a Level 3 Green Belt.
Then he watched Dylan and Payton get theirs.
Payton is a Level 1 Brown Belt.
And Dylan is a 2nd Degree Level 3 Black Belt!
And you wanna know whats great?  Even though Dylan is a Black Belt...his daddy can still take him down! =)