Monday, November 20, 2017

Richard's Family {Day 1}

The Richard's came into town for Thanksgiving! This is my niece Juliette, my brother-in-law Thor, and Chris catching up.
My niece, Priscilla!
Penelope is one month older than Dylan and was sweet to play Monopoly Crazy Cash with Rylan and Payton.
My sister, Jeannine.
You know what's great about having teenage nieces?  They do your hair for you!
It was a fun evening just hanging out and chatting.
Me and goober.  Oh I mean Dylan.
This is going to be a fun week!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Week #46 {2017}

Sunday we were in Georgia.
Monday Bombi's drool game was strong.
Wednesday Rylan had a "hide the turkey" project due.  He hid his turkey as a soccer player of course!
We got to see a beautiful rainbow on the way to school.
I got to go have Thanksgiving Lunch with Payton at school.
Rylan is ALWAYS asking for something...usually gum, or food.  This is his "pretty please" pose.
Thursday I made my first batch of Almond the holiday season has officially begun {well according to me at least!}!
Bombi is a good door draft stopper!
Friday was our first day of Thanksgiving Break!  Woo Hoo!  Dylan and Rylan made Rylan a knight costume out of cardboard...I love when they are creative AND work together!
Then we played in the leaves at Gigi's house.
And of course Payton...silly girl!
Back home it was project time.  We {the kids and I} pulled all of these branches/weeds...
So we can actually see that cool log again!
Then we had a small bonfire.
I LOVE where we live!
Saturday the boys worked on the bathroom,
we made a Lowe's run,
dropped the littles at Gigi's to spend the night and then Bombi snuggled with Dylan the rest of the evening.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Jackson's in Georgia

We found out that Kyla {Chris' cousin's daughter} was playing softball in Woodstock, GA {close to where we used to live} and decided to go down and see her play!  This morning woke up in the hotel {and it's HARD to keep 3 excited kids quiet while Chris is sleeping!}.
It was steamy in our room {because of our showers} and Chris wrote C {heart} B on the window.  Awe... he loves me!
After meeting up with the cousins for breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the ballpark.
It was pretty cold.
Kyla is an amazing softball player!
I love this guy.  His spontaneity with going on these quick trips is fun!
The kiddos LOVE to play with their cousins!  They are all so sweet.
Okay, so this is how they REALLY are!
We got some hot cocoa to try to keep warm.
Payton LOVES Kyla....
Afterwards we went to lunch
The boys played shooter games.
And then we said goodbye, stopped by a friends house for a quick hug and then piled back into the car and headed home!
We drove through this cute, quaint town in Tennessee and the movie theater was spectacular!
Now we get to recover from a whirlwind trip! Whew!