Saturday, March 24, 2018

Week #12 {2018}

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day.
 The Littles let a balloon go...
 and Rylan said "I hope you have fun with that Papa Nutt!".  I melted right there.
 Tuesday Ry guy woke up early and we spent some time going through Papa Nutt's book of photos.
 Thursday's sky was spectacular...
Friday Chris and I got to go on a lunch date, and we tried out a place we haven't been before.
And OH MI GOODNESS... It is my new FAVORITE Mexican food place.  Just looking at this photo makes me drool all over again.
 Saturday was picture day at soccer.  Here's Payton's team...
And Rylan's with his super hot coach! {wink}
My sweet kiddos!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Week #11 {2018} St. Patrick's Day

Sunday the Littles brought me some sweet flowers from our Bradford Pear Tree.  They were beautiful!
 Monday morning, our drive to school was snowy...
but beautiful!
Tuesday morning, the snow was gone and the sun was peaking over the hills.
I went and picked up Dylan early from school because he wasn't feeling well.  As we were waiting in the car rider line for the littles, he crawled in the back seat and fell asleep.  Poor buddy!
These two crack me up.
Rylan has gotten so good at reading.  I love hearing his sweet voice sound the words out.
 Wednesday - What's up Bombi?  He thinks he the boss of the house.
 Thursday we needed to handle this hay that we let grow up in the yard.
Our John Deere that we bought last year just was not big enough to mow the whole property, so we talked about getting a bigger zero turn.  Chris rented one for the day to see if it would work for us... and I think he liked it.
It took him a few hours because he had to go back and forth over the hay multiple times because it was so long...but it looks great now!  I forgot how our yard looked without the hay!
 Friday morning.  I will NEVER tire of the stunning sunrises God gives us.
That evening we walked the property,
checking out all of the ravines the recent rains have changed.
Bombi especially liked all the big holes we found.  They may have been animal homes, or rain water run offs.
The sky was spectacular.
And I kinda like this guy.  I think I'll keep him around forever.
Since the mower worked so well for us, Saturday morning, Chris went and bought our own.  A man on a mower, is a happy man.
Then it was time for soccer.

Afterwards Dylan wanted to learn how to drive the mower.
Since today is St. Patrick's Day we had Shepherds Pie for dinner.
And Bombi looked festive in his bow tie {for 1.2 seconds}.
Click {here} if you want to see what he looked like LAST year in his bow tie.  Man he has grown SO much!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Week #10 {2018}

Sunday We passed the Duck River on the way to church and it has gone down a bit...but it's still super high.
Since it was a pretty day, we got to work on our yard.  We cleared the brush by the creek.
Isn't it MUCH better?
That's our bridge with the creek flowing underneath it.  It used to be covered in brush.
Chris did some mowing.
And my momma stopped by for a bit.
I got a turn at mowing, while Dylan picked up branches/weeds
for us to burn, and man it went quick!
Spring is slowly coming around!
Monday they cancelled school because of the flooding.  Some roads are still impassable.  And yes, I agree with you.  My kids never seem to be in school!
Tuesday night we went to TKD.  Isn't Dylan's kick insane?
Wednesday this little booger crawled into bed with us at 3am.  He fell back into a deep sleep.  WE did not.  Ha!
Oh to have the life of Bombi....  He thinks the couch is his {he's not supposed to be up there}.
He thinks the heater is his.
Thursday - He thinks this spot on Chris' legs is his.
Friday - And anywhere next to Dylan is his spot too!
Saturday was the start of Spring Soccer.
That night we went to my momma's for dinner with the Schmidt's
After dinner the boys played with guns {they were cleaning them}!