Saturday, September 22, 2018

Week #38 {2018}

It's Sunday  and our yard work is never done.

But we do sure find some cool things while we are working!

I think it's safe to say Chris is team orange!

I love how he holds his bone.

The sunset tonight it the BEST ONE YET!

The pictures don't do it justice

God is good isn't he???

Monday's sunset wasn't too shabby either!

Bombi always makes himself comfortable.

Wednesday we had a beautiful foggy drive to school.

Bombi wanted a bite of Dylan's food SOOOO bad.

Thurdsday this picture showed up on TimeHop.  Eek!

Saturday was soccer time again.

Chris is such a good coach!

We did a teensy tiny project to start our kitchen remodel.  I was not a fan of that fan {see what I did there?}.

We found a GREAT deal on a light fixture and Chris and Dylan installed it.

I'm so thankful for my handy husband!

Looks so much better!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Week #37 {2018}

Sunday - Snuggles are getting fewer and farther between....
But look at those sweet freckles!
Um.  I have no explanation for this besides the fact that he's a goober.
Swinging at Gigi's.
Monday - Helping Gigi place a stepping stone that they made together.
Wednesday - I was looking for Bombi and found him passed out in his cage with the door open!
I went to pick up this stick that got tracked in the house...and fortunately I did a double take before I touched it.
It is one of the biggest stick bugs I have seen and it was IN OUR HOUSE!
Later that same day there was a praying mantis INSIDE the kitchen window!  
Thursday the sunset was too gorgeous not to get a photo of it.
Friday Gigi got to go to Ry's school for Grandparents Day!
Saturday  after Payton's soccer game, Uncle Thor took Payton and Penelope to the fair.  Having cousins around is SO MUCH FUN!

Ry had an afternoon soccer game.
And since Dylan was gone to a friends house, and Payton was at the Fair, we {Chris and I} had some time with JUST RYLAN.  We went and got ice cream.  It was a sweet time.
Love my boys!
The girls got back from the fair and they had their caricature done while they were there.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Week #36 {2018}

Sunday I helped mow {part of} the lawn.
Then the boys took over. It was a gorgeous day!
Penel was over and played Life with the kiddos.
Monday we went to a pretty cool rec pool.
Tuesday - Bombi loves to sit here and watch the cows across the street.
Thursday - Eek!  The freckles on this boy!
Dylan...trying to program his phone to open with his nose.  {goober!}
Friday the sunrise was amazing.

I just want to squish his face...he is so cute sometimes!
And speaking of freckles... I found this pretty picture on my phone.
Saturday morning this guy got his hair cut.

Then it was time for soccer!
Payton had a cheering section today!
Then she got to go to a Harry Potter birthday party.
While she was at the party the boys and I went out to dinner.
It was their first time at a hibachi grill and they loved it.
Payton didn't miss out too much...because the party was amazing!
This is Haven, the birthday girl.

And her sweet friend Haley

Haven's mom spent time taking photos of each kid "flying" on the broom {Dylan is going to be SO MAD at me that I don't know what kind of broom this is.....hahahaha!}.  The pictures turned out adorable!