Friday, February 2, 2018

California Day 3

Having coffee with my sister!
 She took us to get our nails done.
 It was weird being in shorts again.
Chris sent me this sweet pic of Ry and Bombi.  I miss them!
We headed out to dinner...
 At Mama Cozza's!
 Savanna surprised us and showed up!
The food was AMAZING. 
 After we went to 85 Degrees Celsius Bakery
 I got this amazing dessert there. Yum!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

California Day 2

Today is my sweet daddy's birthday...and since my momma and I were in California I decided to surprise her by taking her to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe in Tustin.  This restaurant holds so many memories for us.  I had called my Uncle Dennis {my dad's brother} and his wife Aunt Barbara and asked them to join us.  Once we got there, THEY surprised me with my cousin Denise and Frank who were in town from their recent move to Idaho!
It was a great time, remembering my daddy.
Davese didn't come because she had to work, and Kenzi and I went to pick her up when she was done.
We made a quick stop for El Taco.  We had Chiliquilles and their amazing Red Quesadilla.
We had Mexican food again for dinner...I'm trying to get my fill!
Davese had invited a couple of friends over to see us.  We had a great time talking and catching up.
Ivan, Geoff, Lauren & Kenzi!
Aunt Kay!
It was fun seeing everyone!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Leaving on a Jet Plane {California - Day 1}

I got to have an AMAZING once in a lifetime experience today!  It started 2 weeks ago when Uncle Barry {who's technically not my uncle, but a long time family friend} called my momma and asked if  we wanted to fly back to California with him....on his private jet!  Um, let me see...should we go?  HECK YES!  
Actually I was worried about the logistics of Chris working and having the kids school schedules to keep up with, but he told me to go.  I may never get an opportunity like this again.
Want to know the BEST part of flying private???  NO AIRPORT junk to get through!  We showed up early {in case Uncle Barry decided to leave a little early} and sat in the lobby.  No security, no bag checks, no ticketing.
The flight was scheduled for 2pm and Uncle Barry showed up at 1:55pm.  We got in a golf cart and was driven out to the plane {I took this picture from inside the building}.
 We boarded.
 And a couple of minutes later, we were in the air!  Bye-bye Nashville!
 The plane was so nice,
and we were served amazing food on real plates.
I got the Chicken Parm. 
 Oh and I sat in this seat at take-off and sitting backward was bizarre.  Really bizarre.
We read and chatted {while Uncle Barry took a nap}.
Then talked with him when he woke up.
 We had apple pie for dessert.
 Once we were close to landing, we started watching all the California landmarks out the window.  First thing was stopped traffic on the 241.  I had almost forgotten about traffic there!
 Then when we landed this guy came out to lay out a mat for us.
 He was in a vest and bowtie!  Ha!
My sister picked us up,
and headed back to her house.  I MISS seeing Palm Trees!
All we were missing was Jeannine.
 I FaceTimed to check in with the kids and Payton sobbed her eyes out saying "I can't do this being the only girl at home!"  Hee hee hee!
 We were there for Miles and Davese's Bible Study they have at their house and then at bedtime Vese came and jumped in bed with my momma and me.