Friday, September 1, 2017

Dylan's 13! {Wilderness of the Smokies - Day 1}

See that kid in the back seat?  He's a teenager. {Wow, that's crazy!}
We loaded up the car and hit the road.
Made one pit stop. {and photo op!}
Until we reached our destination...The Smoky Mountains.
See why they are called the Smoky Mountains?  It's beautiful.
We stayed at Wilderness of the Smokies which is a hotel/waterpark.  We got settled, changed into swim suits,
and headed to the indoor waterpark {it was SUPER windy}.
We played for a couple of hours {which I didn't take my phone/camera}. Then back in the room we celebrated with a Cheerwine, {Dylan discovered this soda when we were here last and fell in love with it!}
And Thin Mint Cookies for the birthday boy.
Then we played some Monopoly Deal where he got this card.  Ha!
Happy Birthday Dylan! My heart smiles when I think about you. You make us laugh all the time. You are so creative and I love hearing about how you would create a gadget to make anything we are doing easier/better. I love your passion for reading and wish I could read a book as fast as you do. I'm proud of all you've accomplished in taekwondo, and that you've taken to mountain biking like a fish to the water. I guess I think your all around a pretty awesome young man. So glad that your my son. Love you buddy. ❤️

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Celebrating Dylan's Birthday

Dylan's birthday is TOMORROW, but since we are leaving out of town we are celebrating tonight! We piled in the car,
And drove straight into a storm {remnants of Hurricane Harvey}.
But it was worth it to get here.
We HAD to get the Cotton Candy Bacon of course.
And we were surprised that Payton and Rylan liked everything that we ordered.
We knew Dylan would love the steak {as you can see!}.
And then we had their Banana Bread for dessert.
Happy birthday son!
When we walked out of the restaurant the tornado sirens were going off.  It's funny, because 6 years ago, I would have been camped out in the bathroom waiting until all was clear.  But we just checked online to see where the storm was going (just north of us) and went on our way.
Rylan feel asleep quickly in the car - a good food coma will do that to you.
THIRTEEN tomorrow... and he's the same height as me.
I love you buddy.  Thanks for bringing so much laughter into our family.  You truly are a rad kid.  I am excited to see the young man that God is growing you up to be.

What I Ate {August 2017}

1 - Hattie B's
3 - McDonalds Hamburger + Side Salad
4 - Papa Murphy's Pepperoni Pizza
5 - Steak + Corn + Garlic Bread 
6 - BBQ Chicken + Rice Pilaf + Roasted Veggies
7 - Free For All
11 - Turkey Bacon Sandwich + Nacho Tortilla Chips + Cantaloupe 
12 - Free For All
13 - Chicken Pesto Pasta + Garden Salad
14 - Pepperoni Pizza
15 - Beef, Bean + Cheese Burritos
16 - PB & J
17 - J's Mac & Cheese + Red Grapes
18 - Bean & Rice Bowls
19 - Hamburgers + Potato Salad
20 - Sweet & Spicy Bacon Wrappped Chicken + Blue Cheese and Pear Salad
21 - Taco Salad
23 - Turkey Bagel Sandwich + Snap Peas + Cherries 
24 - Quesadillas
25 - ???
26 - {Fight Night} Papa Murphy's + Jalapeño Poppers + Cucumber Salad + Buffalo Dip & Tortilla Chips + Thin Mint Brownies + Banana Pudding
27 - Italian Chopped Salad
28 - Chuy's Chicken Tortilla Soup + Chips & Salsa + Jalapeño Ranch
29 - Buffalo Chicken Salad
30 - Chicken Adobo + Brown Rice
31 - Kayne Prime