Saturday, March 10, 2018

Week #10 {2018}

Sunday We passed the Duck River on the way to church and it has gone down a bit...but it's still super high.
Since it was a pretty day, we got to work on our yard.  We cleared the brush by the creek.
Isn't it MUCH better?
That's our bridge with the creek flowing underneath it.  It used to be covered in brush.
Chris did some mowing.
And my momma stopped by for a bit.
I got a turn at mowing, while Dylan picked up branches/weeds
for us to burn, and man it went quick!
Spring is slowly coming around!
Monday they cancelled school because of the flooding.  Some roads are still impassable.  And yes, I agree with you.  My kids never seem to be in school!
Tuesday night we went to TKD.  Isn't Dylan's kick insane?
Wednesday this little booger crawled into bed with us at 3am.  He fell back into a deep sleep.  WE did not.  Ha!
Oh to have the life of Bombi....  He thinks the couch is his {he's not supposed to be up there}.
He thinks the heater is his.
Thursday - He thinks this spot on Chris' legs is his.
Friday - And anywhere next to Dylan is his spot too!
Saturday was the start of Spring Soccer.
That night we went to my momma's for dinner with the Schmidt's
After dinner the boys played with guns {they were cleaning them}!

Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer Season begins today!  
Payton "played" when she was 4 years old and wanted to give it a try again!
She ran the WHOLE game...
and loved it!
Ry wanted to play again {he absolutely loves it!}.
 And this year his coach is super hot.
Can you guess who?
With 2 kiddos playing soccer, it's going to be a bit crazy with games Saturday mornings AND then later in the afternoons, but it should be fun!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Week #9 {2018}

Sunday still working away on the tile.
Spring is coming!
We did some yard work.
And did a burn.
Have you watched Wonder yet???  It is fantastic {but anything with Julia Roberts is fantastic}!  I read the book awhile back and the movie was just as good as the book.
Tuesday was Storybook Character Day at school {for  Read Across America Week}.
This guy loved the sun.
Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday.
I love how the fog was settling into the hills this morning.
Thursday school was cancelled due to flooding.  We have had some CRAZY rain and it had flooded some of the roads.  So we made Homemade Wendy's Frosties...  Oh.mi.yum.
Friday we drove over the Duck River and it was about 35 FEET higher than normal...NO JOKE!
Chris had a snuggle buddy.
Saturday we went to Tito's for lunch.
And later that day, this happened:
You know when you shake a dressing bottle upside down to get all the dressing to the top?  Yeah, make sure the lid is actually closed before you do!
Want to know what little brothers are always up for???  WRESTLING!