Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week #44 {2015}

Sunday morning Snapchatting session and this pic of Payton CRACKED me up.
The other day my friend had a great polish on. She texted me a pic of the bottle and the color (Steel Gray). After searching for it at Target and Walmart with no luck, I went online and found that it was discontinued {boo!}. BUT I did find a bottle of it on eBay! So I had to wait a few days, but got myself a bottle. Yippee!
Payton's desk needed to be redone...again. Click {here} to see it originally. It had a bunch of crayon, marker, pen, and pencil marks all over it {naturally, of course!}. And it didn't really go with her room anymore. Chris had an idea and ran with it....2 days later he was done.
He did SUCH a great job!
This nightstand {that Sasha gave to Payton} was his inspiration.
I wanted something sweet so P, Ry and I made some Rocky Road Brownies. {Well I made them, they ate marshmallows.}
While we were working on Rylan's "homeschool", he said "Momma, I'm gonna write a P." I looked over and sure enough he was writing a P 
My mom2mom group had a girls night out. One of the girls planned a progressive dinner in Dowtown Franklin. We had appetizers at Gray's on Main, entries at 55 South, and the coffee/dessert at Frothy Monkey. It was a blast.
Tuesday and little man is STILL not feeling well...poor guy! So we stayed home from mom2mom.
The second that Dylan gets home from school, these two sword fight and wrestle for an hour straight. I don't know which one looks forward to it more.
Lately this is what Rylan does when I ask him to smile. He's got "baby Ryan" in the stroller. He got her from the dog store and he and Payton take care of her together because they are fam-a-lee.
Wednesday Rylan helped me fold the rags and when I walked back in he had made towers (from Jenga pieces) in front of each one.
Then he lived up to his pajamas and monkeyed around for a bit.
We {Chris, Ry and I} went on a lunch date to Delta Bound. People have been raving about it and it TOTALLY lives up to its hype. I'm still dreaming about the Down & Dirty Brisket Taco.
{Clockwise: Red Beans & Rice, Down & Dirty Brisket Street Taco, Southern Fried Chicken Street Taco}
Chris used his birthday money and bought us a coffee bar. First drink he made? A Butterscotch Macchiado. It was perfect.
Thursday. Gas prices have been so low that I'm not really surprised by it anymore. But today I realized that this was the price of gas when I first got my license...TWENTY years ago!
Payton's school had a fun run
{the same day as crazy hair day} and she ran 45 laps!
She ran her little heart out the entire time. I'm so proud of this girl!
I think I'm really going to like Chris' birthday gift!
Life's rough driving your brother to TKD practice.
Fall sure is pretty here. The colors are stunning and it amazes me to see different colors inside the tree vs the outside and then different colors from top to bottom. God is amazing!
Friday I made lasagna for {I think} the 2nd or 3rd time in my life. Chris said it was his favorite meal I've ever made. {Yay!}
Saturday was Halloween. You can read about it {here}!

Halloween 2015

Halloween is my least favorite of holidays.  I know, I know, boo for me.
I love the cute pumpkins, yummy food, awesome fall decorations, but Halloween also brings scary things; zombies, dead people, devils, ghosts, and witches.  Ugh.
Philippians 4:8 gets discussed a lot during this holiday:
Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Scary stuff just doesn't fit into any of those categories, so we celebrate Halloween but focus on the noble, pure, lovely, excellent and fun stuff about it... Like carving pumpkins.
Rylan drew his pumpkin out.
Payton carved her pumpkin all by herself!
While taking pictures I caught this awesome tantrum that Rylan was throwing.
Here's his pumpkin:
Which was a tad bit too small to cut out, so we did this on the back side.
Iron Man
Obi-Wan Kenobi
and I all headed to Dylan's TKD class.  They were playing some games and one of the instructors brought Iron Man out with her.
He helped set up a game,
And then he and Elsa officiated it.
They also included them in the costume contest.
It was a dreary day.
The forecast was 100% rain for trick or treating time.
But we got ready anyway. Payton got to wear make up.
Which both boys could not get over.  They kept staring at her and commenting on her make up!
We grabbed our umbrellas and headed out.
And it did not rain one single drop!
Our neighborhood was a total blast and we were out for about an hour.  I came back looking 5 months  preggo because my pockets were filled with the kids candy that didn't fit into their buckets {Chris' pockets were full too!}.
Then the best part of trick or treating.
sorting and checking out the loot!
And then making trades.
The kids were nice and gave some candy to Chris and me.
And then after the sugar rush...came the sugar crash.
Hope you had a happy halloween!