Friday, October 9, 2015

Black Belt

Dylan hit a goal today that he has been working on for years {literally} to achieve.
He became a 1st degree level 1 black belt. 
He was so very excited and we are so VERY proud. These pics are blurry but I love them because you can see how proud Chris is.
We are proud because Dylan set a goal, worked hard, stuck with it, and achieved it.
This belt is called a Provisionary Black Belt because he has 12 months to test into the next belt {fully black without the white stripe} otherwise he moves back down to a level 3 red belt. But with how passionate he is about this sport, I'm sure he will have no trouble doing so.
One of Dylan's favorite things about being a black belt??? In class they now will call him Mr. Lewis because he's earned that respect by reaching this level.

My favorite thing? I now have a certified personal body guard. 

You rock Mr. Lewis!

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